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Architecture CAD Documentation Services

Architects and contractors share a very delicate and crucial relationship; one that always walks the tightrope, and is of paramount importance for the client in every sense of the word. Till recent times, the individual or company that commissioned the project played a managerial role of sorts, focusing on feasibility, finance, approvals, city councils, sales and marketing. The tasks of design, engineering and construction were left to the designers. There was a fine line that divided these two sets of activities.

However, of late, the owner has a more hands-on approach towards the construction process, and the reasons for the same are mainly cost, information and accountability.

Costs: The total cost of the real estate market have shot through the roof in every sense of the word, surpassing the growth rate of the world economy! Needless to say, even a small percentage in profit or loss makes a big impact on the owner.

Knowledge: The current age is the era of information, and informs us of the numerous success stories and disappointments that happen across the world. One can easily get access to in-depth information on factors that control cost and help in reducing it. Owing to so many facilities, there may be many owners who would know more about their projects than the consultants themselves!

Accountability: The people who actually drive projects by financing them are the ones who require utmost transparency and accountability on the part of the owner, since that latter generally gets the project financed from the former. True, the owner does considerably reduce his risk in the project, but in return, is answerable on all counts to the financers. Hence, he is forced to gather a more in-depth knowledge of the industry to ensure that the money is being appropriately allocated and used.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is perhaps the strongest tool that gives control and vision to the construction process, and The AEC Associates provides CAD & BIM Services for Construction Industry and holds the requisite experience of working with numerous prestigious owners and helping them shoulder the responsibility of managing and executing their projects.