Landscape design has always been an important yet difficult aspect of an architect’s work and it continues to be a significant part of the job of The AEC Associates Architectural CAD Drafting. A good landscape has the potential of turning even a simple design into an extraordinary one and should not be taken lightly by Architectural CAD drafting, especially with modern computer software making things a lot easier. Earlier it was very difficult to design a landscape when the projects were large or where the site had too many contours or features, but latest CAD and landscaping software enable the design team to quickly draw scaled 2D (two dimensional) site plans that represent the installation of plantings, hardscapes, different natural features and the irrigation systems etc most accurately.

Architectural CAD drafting in landscape architecture
Role of Architectural CAD drafting in landscape architecture

Numerous advantages:

Use of computer software offers several advantages to Architectural CAD drafting while developing a landscape design. Earlier it was most difficult for the design team to give even a ball-park figure for the project to the clients who were always uncertain about the actual costs they were going to bear. But now it’s possible to keep track of the plant material and accurately calculate the areas of pavers and other hardscapes and volumes of materials like rocks and mulch by using a sophisticated computer software.

Landscaping for large projects:

As mentioned earlier, landscaping was never an easy task for the large projects where land was uneven and one had to deal with a lot of levels and contours. You can now use modern-day landscape software to create all the elements of a typical landscape design with ease, right from drawing contour plans, structures, pavers, various landscape beds and added elements, and create attractive title blocks and plant legend. It’s easy to prepare a customer proposal keeping in view the time schedules and maintaining top quality.

Life-like views:

In the era of manual drafting, one had the scope for only very limited views for the landscape designs, which could never convey the real picture to the clients or the contractors. It always left room for a lot of confusion and the resulting bickering. However, it’s possible for Architectural CAD drafting to produce lifelike 3D views of the landscape design with full details of the design elements now including decks, flower beds, plants, pavers, existing and proposed structures, walk-throughs, fly-overs, water features and lighting etc. They can even include pictures of client’s house or building for the most realistic views possible.

Modern technology has made landscape designing a pleasant experience for both Architectural CAD drafting and the clients as well. The designers can innovate and experiment with complete freedom to provide excellent landscapes to their clients thanks to cutting-edge technology.