Responsibilities Of Architectural CAD Drafting Companies Towards Designing For Differently Abled

Responsibilities Of Architectural CAD Drafting Companies Towards Designing For Differently Abled

As a responsible part of the society, it’s the duty of The AEC Associates Architectural CAD Drafting firms to cater to the needs of each and every section of the society. A large portion of our society faces disability of one kind or the other and they need an enabling environment to help them move freely without assistance and contribute towards the betterment of the society;  Architectural CAD Drafting Services can play their part here. They are duty bound to consider the specific requirements of the people with disabilities while designing and building or facility. We must not forget that

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Responsibilities Of Architectural CAD Drafting Companies Towards Designing For Differently Abled

Differently abled people with different needs:

Unlike what many people still believe, a disabled person is not without any qualities, they can contribute equally to the society if given the right environment and opportunities. When we talk about designing for persons with disabilities (PWD); we must not forget that most of us face some disability at some time or the other during our lifetime, a little child, an elderly person, person with a broken leg, a person suffering from some illness; these are just some of the examples where even a perfectly bodied person may face a disability like situation. Architectural CAD drafting team, therefore, must take into account the special needs and requirements of the disabled persons while developing the design of any building or facility.

Changing picture:

The awareness about the special needs of the differently abled people has been rising steadily and a lot of building and town planning codes have been developed and implemented in the developed countries to provide accessibility to these persons that certainly is their right in order to be able to avail of equal opportunities in the society. As mentioned earlier, there is enormous potential in these persons, rightly called differently abled persons now, and it’s important to help them realize this potential by providing them a level playing field.

Types of disabilities:

While considering the specific requirements for PWD (persons with disabilities), the Architectural It’s necessary for Architectural CAD Drafting companies to keep in mind the different types of disabilities they have to cater for. We can broadly classify these categories as:

  • Wheel chair users
  • People with limited walking abilities
  • The Visually impaired- the sightless
  • The partially sighted persons
  • The hearing impaired

One more category could be added here that of the learning disabled, those with slow learning ability.

Special provisions:

One must ensure that the buildings or facilities being designed must cater for the needs of each of these categories. For example, while a ramp is essential for a wheel chair user; a person using crutches will find the stairs much easier to negotiate. Similarly, while sightless persons need tactile signs in order to enable them to know number of the floor and their exact location; hearing impaired need sound signals for the same.

Disabled people are just as important for the society as normal bodied persons; Architectural CAD drafting firms can play a significant role in enabling them to work to their full potential and lead a normal life. It is necessary, thus, for the designers to cater to their special needs while designing buildings and facilities.