Outsourcing Architectural CAD Drafting Services- the Review Process

Outsourcing Architectural CAD Drafting Services- the Review Process

Architectural CAD Drafting Services

Our last article analyzed the need for a review process, which, some feel is needed because of the dynamic thought that occurs in the design and documentation process.In this article, we look at the prevalent processes in reviewing drawings remotely when outsourcing architectural CAD drafting services.


The review isn’t just about the drafter putting forth his completed drawing and saying “check it”. ‘Creativity dies when curiosity dies, and with it, dies Progress’.

  • What: Famous words: “There is no ‘stupid question’. Except one: the one you didn’t ask”. In other words, if it’s a doubt in your mind, it’s a valid question, since you have to perform the task!
  • When: While that depends on the type of queries, however most queries are best put up at a pre-decided time, for example:
    • In a presentation, the speaker would mostly mention “we will have a time dedicated for questions at the end of the presentation”, or “please ask questions when you feel like”
    • Unless the questions alters the outcome of the task, the questions should be sent with the review
    • How: When outsourcing architectural CAD drafting services, queries must be in writing.


Drawings received for review must be returned with comments, even if the comments are “all perfect; go ahead” or “this is totally not what we wanted; we are finishing this off ourselves”. In each case the architectural CAD drafting service is on hold, waiting for the next move, and, is technically, on the client’s hire till then. There are various forms of commenting

  • Verbally
  • In writing
  • Red-lining

Manual:  Prints are red-lined with comments, scanned and sent back as PDFs

Architectural CAD Drafting Services

  • Electronic: Commenting tools are used to red-line drawings on the computer, either by:Architectural CAD Drafting Services
  • PDF commenting tools
  • Specialized commenting programs like Bluebeam™
  • Advanced features or plug-ins in CAD programs
  • Virtually: In case of virtual meetings with screen sharing software like GoToMeeting ™ , the program has some interesting commands that facilitate review, like:
    • Commenting tools like highlighter, pencil, eraser, etc.
    • Handing over controls of keyboard and mouse to the reviewer


Outsourcing of architectural CAD drafting services deals with a dynamic interface: creative thought. Since change is intrinsic to this process, it is difficult to retain communication about rejected ideas! However, the process of outsourcing documentation has finite ‘time and money’ numbers attached, and, therefore, must be recorded thus:

  • Electronic: All voice, video and screen sharing meetings can be recorded electronically
  • Minutes: Every meeting should be followed a summary of what transpired and agreed action, conventionally called ‘Minutes of Meeting’
  • Log: While such recording and minutes help when one has to send in an appeal, however, there can be cumbersome, when, in the middle of work, you want to look for a specific instruction. By experience, the world of outsourcings of architectural CAD drafting services has devised various logs, wherein to record, methodically, all relevant project communication, in a tabular, retrievable manner. These will be detailed out in a separate article.