PDF To CAD Conversion
Need To Hire An Expert For PDF To CAD Conversion

Use of computer software today for design and drafting work has made The AEC Associates PDF to CAD conversion an integral part of AEC industry with professionals like architects and engineers relying heavily on the converted drawings to start the design process. Earlier, one had to pick a portion of a PDF drawing and redraft it into CAD format, a process that was tedious and time consuming; but now advanced CAD conversion tools enable professionals to perform PDF to CAD conversion quickly and efficiently to deliver most accurate DWG drawings. Still you need experienced professionals with great tool handling capabilities to achieve the desired accuracy and precision as these drawings provide the starting platform for the future design process.

Why CAD conversion

There are certain situations when you receive or have to prepare architectural/ engineering drawing in PDF format. These PDF files cannot be tampered with or altered, so they offer good professional and financial security; in some other cases, they are provided as prints of the original drawings, just like blue or ammonia prints of yesteryears. Trouble is that you cannot edit these files, so you need PDF to CAD conversion to convert them into DWG or other CAD files for convenient viewing, editing or alteration.

Multiple challenges

Advanced tools help conversion professionals convert the PDF drawings by redrafting them in CAD format. These tools CAD conversion tools offer several unique features that enable you to extract highly accurate, top quality DWG drawings.

However, one faces multiple challenges while converting PDF files into CAD drawings. You must retain all CAD standards; including layers; block styles; line thickness, color and positions; formatting styles etc. You would definitely not like to have any broken entities or broken graphical representations in the converted drawings that could cripple your design.

Hiring an experienced and skilled vendor is the only way to ensure that PDF to CAD conversion provides you with highly accurate end result. The accuracy of the converted drawings cannot be compromised with as the designers rely heavily on the quality of these drawings to start the design process.