Revit Outsourcing Services

Top vendors offering Revit outsourcing services facilitate through their expertise smart mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire-protection models for detailed data integration for flawless execution of building projects in the year 2022. Revit outsourcing services vendors can be worked with closely to ensure smart MEP modeling, a common data environment for better collaboration among project teams, data integration, accurate cost estimation and quantity take-off, practical and precise time schedules, and resource allocation for error-free construction and more efficient facilities management stage. Revit offers numerous intelligent features that can be leveraged by MEP engineers for quality-assured deliverables. In addition, the modern software helps ensure there are no clashes of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing elements with architectural or structural planning.

5 Ways You Can Achieve Outstanding MEP Planning And Modeling During Building Projects Working With Revit Outsourcing Services In 2022


Revit outsourcing India enables you to prepare detailed BIM models for efficient, accurate design documentation by dishing out precise 2D and 3D MEP plans and drawings. The common data environment provided by these experienced professionals allows MEP engineers to work collaboratively in a single comprehensible building information model. Revit is a powerful tool that offers numerous benefits to building professionals to enhance their creativity and technical skills. Following is a brief discussion on the ways Revit outsourcing services can help improve a building’s MEP planning and modeling.

  1. Creating detailed building models

Revit can be used by MEP professionals to draft the most complex MEP designs accurately in a short time. These parametric models precisely represent the proposed structure with required information like dimensions, cost estimation, quantity take-off, and exact arrangement of MEP elements.

  1. More user-friendly interface

An easy-to-understand platform with a user-friendly interface is provided by Revit outsourcing India. The features and tools available can be easily understood by the users for using them expertly with just a little practice. A detailed and accurate building information model can be developed with good knowledge of the software and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing elements.

  1. Reflecting changes across the drawings

Features offered by Revit make working very convenient and efficient. If one change is made in some drawing, all the associated elements are automatically altered across the entire database, so no time and energy are spent reworking in making these changes in the model or individual drawings. Work productivity is thus improved and precious time is saved.

  1. Preparing accurate cost estimates and project schedules

Experienced providers of Revit outsourcing services use the powerful software to facilitate the integration of the time element in the building information model. This helps generate accurate project schedules including the time required to complete different activities for better collaboration. This goes a long way in eliminating delays. In addition, the cost element is also incorporated in the building model to create accurate cost estimates and quantity take-offs, providing a precise idea about the cost and quantity of materials required, thus eliminating cost overruns and gross wastage of resources.

  1. Efficient asset management and fire safety

MEP systems can be developed to provide the analysis of the entire building along with fire and environmental safety. Efficient design and error-free construction processes can thus be ensured besides making building operations and asset management more resourceful and coordinated.

Firms can collaborate with Revit outsourcing services providers like The AEC Associates to allow MEP engineers to work in a single coherent model and perfectly integrate it with architectural and structural services. These Revit models facilitate early detection of any possible clashes to resolve them before the actual construction process begins.

Reputed outsourcing vendors are a team of experienced, skilled professionals specializing in various architectural and structural disciplines offering you numerous benefits. Working with experienced outsourcing services vendors to improve the quality of work and avail the services of experts in various architectural and engineering disciplines in the recent years and the trend shall continue unabated in the year 2022.

3 Ways CAD And BIM Outsourcing Services Help You Reduce Investment On Infrastructural Changes

Partnering with reputed firms providing CAD and BIM outsourcing services ensures numerous benefits that help you flawlessly execute your building projects and build on your reputation. Not long ago, many professionals were skeptical about the effectiveness of hiring outsourcing service providers for the fear that they would lose control over their own projects. Not any more.

It’s often believed that only larger organizations can afford to hire outsourcing services, however, that’s not the case. Individual architects and smaller firms also stand to gain from their partnership with experienced third-party vendors since they enjoy several advantages over the traditional way of getting your work done by your in-house teams.

We discuss here some ways working closely with an outsourcing service provider can help you reduce investment in infrastructural changes so you might use the available finances to expand your business.

  1. Fixed cost and better efficiency

There is often a misconception that outsourcing your CAD and BIM services to an experienced third-party vendor would be too expensive, especially for smaller organizations. That’s not true. These vendors have reasonable charges for their expert services, and moreover, you know beforehand the total cost for the project.

Controlling project costs can, in fact, be sometimes challenging while getting the job done by your own teams. Again, once you prepare an exhaustive, detailed work schedule in consultation with your partner vendor, you get better efficiency in being able to complete every stage of the project well in time.

      2. No need to invest in developing infrastructure

The reputed CAD and BIM outsourcing vendors employ the latest software and the best equipment available and keep updating them on a regular basis. Working with them you get the benefit of the finest infrastructural facilities. As a result, you don’t need to invest heavily in expanding or updating your own office infrastructure. This money can be employed on marketing campaigns or other necessary items as and when required. This considerably reduces your operational cost since you can work with smaller office space and a reduced workforce.

       3. Easy access to a large talent pool

Your outsourcing service provider is an assimilation of skilled professionals with experience and expertise in working on various architectural and engineering disciplines. They can handle all kinds of projects, large and small, with equal efficiency. They give you great flexibility in the sense that you don’t need to hire and fire as per project requirements every time, you have a skilled workforce available around the clock.

The recent trend of hiring outsourcing services for your CAD and BIM work brings countless benefits, like reducing operational costs and giving assured quality and faster turn-around times. These experienced vendors provide the required skill set and equipment as per your project requirements so you do not need to invest in infrastructural changes and save a considerable amount of time, money, and effort.

If you are a company in the AEC industry looking for a design support service company to partner with, The AEC Associates is the team. Our experience and extensive knowledge of the industry offer Architectural & Engineering CAD Design, Drafting Services, and Building Information Modeling (BIM) infused services. Our customized services help our clients lower their total cost & and increase revenue which allows us to take your business to the next level. Connect with us today to learn how we can help you!

You would have handled renovation/ remodeling projects quite often and realized just so many complexities are there to make the job very tricky at times.

Working closely with experienced BIM outsourcing companies can make it a lot easier for you.

Having an accurate set of interior design documentation assumes great significance for making a remodeling project more efficient and successful by seamlessly integrating the existing spaces with the newly added ones, BIM outsourcing companies use the latest BIM software to allow you to use your creativity without any limitations.

BIM is often misunderstood as just another highly publicized software that is used to create a more complex building model.

That’s not true. Besides creating detailed 3-D models and enabling you to extract accurate and precise design and construction documents, BIM also provides a comprehensive overview of the building project right from the initial conceptualization stage of a structure to its demolition.

Integration between existing and proposed structures:
Experienced BIM outsourcing companies work systemically using BIM to simplify the complex process of renovation or refurbishment of an existing structure. The process involves creating two different models for the existing and proposed structures, and then seamlessly integrating them using all the features available.

You label the architectural objects of the existing structure like walls, floors, doors/ windows etc as “existing entities”, while the newly designed architectural objects are assigned the label of “new build entities”.

You are allowed to do a dynamic comparison between the two models, and use special tools to quickly demolish or rebuild architectural objects.

The latest BIM software, like Revit, makes it very convenient to produce efficient interior design documentation.

The interior job can often look like a relay race with every contractor waiting for the other to finish and start his own work. It’s like taking a baton from the previous runner, and naturally, batons are also dropped along the way, important information is lost and precious time wasted.

BIM, with all its innovative tools and features, makes it more like the integrated effort of a team of rowers who work together in unison. A fool-proof schedule is generated allowing everyone to work together towards an efficient building with high-performing units.

Top advantages of using BIM for interior design documentation:

1. Power of visualization:

You can use BIM tools to easily communicate ideas, analyze and evaluate different spaces, and accurately assess the future performance of the structure.

Studying and comparing various design alternatives accurately reflected in related views, drawings and schedules generated to allow you to save time and builds your credibility.

2. Better collaboration:

BIM outsourcing companies make judicious use of BIM software to facilitate better collaboration among architects, interior designers, and other stakeholders.

Every individual/ team creates their own model and all these models are linked, allowing an interior designer to see every minute detail to carry out their work efficiently and with the minimum of fuss. Knowing precisely where an electrical junction box or a plumbing line is laid helps you provide a viable design. This level of collaboration saves time and money.

3. Forming accurate databases

Interior designers often find it tricky to finalize the placement and documentation of articles like furniture and equipment.

BIM makes it very convenient for them to place, document and schedule these articles. Designers can accurately sort, count and filter all databases using Revit, giving parameters to every object, like model number and cost. This allows schedules to pull their information and remain updated all the time.

Producing interior design documentation for renovation projects is not an easy job, associating with top BIM outsourcing companies can help you execute the projects flawlessly.

You are able to visualize and communicate your design in a better way, have better collaboration with all stakeholders involved, and can sort and filter all databases to come up with functionally efficient, visually pleasing designs every time.

A revolutionary process is adopted by top companies providing Revit outsourcing services like The AEC Associates that helps the industry professionals make the building process more efficient and produce exceptional architecture. Revit outsourcing services providers use a construction process and facilities management system which is more efficient, less error-prone and clients friendly than all the other existing building systems.

BIM isn’t just a detailed 3D model of a building; it envelops the entire lifespan of a structure from early design conceptualization to the demolition stage. Vendors offering Revit outsourcing services can efficiently and precisely work in five instead of 3 traditional dimensions: length, breadth and depth; cost and time being the additional dimensions.

Revit Outsourcing Services

BIM provides a shared information resource where every stakeholder inputs discipline specific information that can be accessed by everyone involved in the process, including the building owners. This helps the stakeholders take the right decisions at the right time based on the right information. Working closely with Revit outsourcing services can transform your working and bring countless benefits; some of the major benefits in real terms are discussed below.

  1. Benefit for building owners

Use of BIM brings big relief for the building owners by reducing the build cost by nearly 20%.

  1. Reduced cost over the entire lifespan

This revolutionary process helps reduce the overall construction and operational cost of a structure over its entire lifespan by almost 33%.

  1. Efficiency of design and construction process

Revit outsourcing services help reduce conflicts and rework during construction by nearly 55%, thus greatly increasing efficiency.

  1. Quality of construction

Using BIM vertically across all the stages of a project can improve the overall quality of construction by almost 50%.

  1. Building’s overall performance

Employing BIM can improves the overall performance of a completed infrastructure by up to 35%.

Working closely in tandem with top providers of Revit outsourcing services can help you improve the efficiency of the building process and minimize the conflicts and errors. The new-age process has the potential to take the building industry to the next level, helping architects produce timeless architecture.


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