Revit Modeling Services

“Green architecture” hasn’t remained just the buzz word today, it’s the need of the hour that top companies offering Revit Modeling services like The AEC Associates play their role in ensuring their buildings set high standards in terms of energy efficiency and performance.

Revit modeling services providers can achieve this important objective by developing energy analytical models in simulation in order to accurately evaluate the future performance of the building. These models allow designers to alter/ adjust  the design and composition of the structure to minimize artificial energy requirements.

Revit Modeling Services

Process of simulating energy analytical models

It’s imperative for Revit Modeling services to clearly understand the process of simulating an energy analytical model to get the best results. Following are some essential aspects to focus on for developing such a model.

  • Building elements

It’s necessary to use building elements and other vital information to effectively develop an accurate energy model for the building.

  • Other important information

You must also add other important information like climate, topography, and materials to be used etc, besides building elements, to make the energy analytical model comprehensive and complete in every sense.

  • Important building parts

Adding critical information regarding important building parts like the roof, walls, foundations and floors etc is essential in order to get a fairly accurate energy model.

  • Working of revit software

Unless you are well versed with the working of Revit software, its provisions and different tools, you won’t be able to develop an effective energy analytical model. For example, in order to set these elements as the basis of the design, it’s essential to know how to select ‘Use building element mode’.

The providers of Revit Modeling services create a comprehensive, accurate energy model to ensure a high-performing, energy-efficient building. These analytical models allow the designers to come up with extraordinary, classic designs by enabling them to notice the possible shortcomings in their designs and make appropriate alterations.

Inevitably, it becomes the responsibility of the Revit Modeling Service Providers such as, The AEC Associates to ensure that they produce functional,efficient and aesthetically pleasing buildings which live up to the expectations of the clients. Green architecture is no longer a buzz word. People want to have sustainable and energy efficient buildings due to environmental and climatic sensitization. This is where vendors offering Revit Modeling Services can provide the right platform to achieve this objective. BIM has the capability to provide the appropriate answers to your questions related to energy costs and consumption patterns.

Revit Modeling Services
4 Aspects To Ensure Energy Efficiency Of A Building Revit Modeling Services

A virtual representation of the building is provided by a BIM model with virtual minute details of the structure, inside out. This model can be analyzed for different purposes, including how the building will perform after completion. You can check the following aspects to ensure that the building is sustainable and energy efficient.

  • Impact of sun on the building

Revit outsourcing services provide accurate models that enable you to study the impact of sun on a proposed/existing building. Designers can thus discuss with clients to decide on various aspects influencing the efficiency of their building.

  • Utility cost

It’s important for the building owners to figure out the utility costs of the design to make informed decisions about their choices of materials and more. BIM offers accurate model data related to wall construction and insulation that helps you analyse and make your decision.

  • Green features

You must add various green elements to the design to improve the energy efficiency of a building. A Revit model makes the relevant information accessible and thus enables you to evaluate the potential of solar panels on the rooftop, installation of a green roof, and other green features.

  • Daylighting

Providers of Revit Modeling Services help you with effective and accArchitectural Design Draftingurate analysis of daylight luminance which enables you to locate areas of a building space which require proper shade..Users can come up with the best possible solution to ensure comfort and convenience by adding shading devices, according to their need and effectiveness.

Revit Modeling Services
5 Benefits Of Hiring Revit Modeling Services For Small Projects (Continued)

The general perception that one should hire The AEC Associates Revit Modeling Services only for large and complex projects is not quite correct; BIM is equally beneficial for smaller projects like residential and small commercial buildings etc. The system employed by Revit modeling services is much faster, more efficient and accurate, and less error-prone than any existing building system. In addition, it envelopes the entire lifecycle of a structure unlike other building systems that are responsible only till the commissioning stage of a structure. We discussed some main benefits of using BIM for residential and other smaller projects in our previous post; the discussion is continued here with some more benefits of the same.

  • Lifelike 3D views

BIM models allow Revit modeling services to extract detailed, lifelike 3D views of a project. You can obtain these views from just any desired angle; even an inside-out view can be obtained conveniently, giving an exact idea of the structure. One of the greatest challenges for the architects is to convey to the customers how a building would actually look like in real life; these views help them convey an idea about the visual appearance of the final product. Walk-through videos can also be done to take your customers on a journey inside the house with you to give an exact idea of the building.

  • Saving time and money

One can save precious time and money using BIM. Revit models help you extract 2D and 3D drawings in a fraction of time CAD software take, thus lowering the project cost. Accurate schedules, details and bills of materials and cost estimates can be obtained even as the design is being developed. Revit also allows you to detect element conflicts early to enable you to make necessary adjustments before it’s too late.

Hiring Revit modeling services can be just as beneficial while working for smaller projects like houses and small commercial buildings. BIM makes the entire building process faster and more efficient, thus allowing you to save time, effort and money.

Revit Modeling Services
3 Types Of 3D Models Revit Modeling Services Create To Ensure Smooth Building Process(Continued)

Several new emerging trends in the building industry have made the job of The AEC Associates Revit Modeling Services a very challenging one, especially the fact that structures have become very complex and complicated in today’s world. The skyscrapers have become a norm and there is a greater emphasis on making structures more energy efficient putting a lot of responsibility and pressure on the shoulders of Revit modeling services in the modern era. They make full use of a process like BIM to perform their functions efficiently and effectively. Different types of 3D models created by Revit help designers in many ways; we continue our previous week’s discussion here. Following are some main types of 3D models designers employ to make the building process smooth and error-free.

  • 3D interior models

One great advantage of working with Revit modeling services is that they visualize a design in three-dimensions from the beginning to make sure the design is viable and functional, and that there is no clash of elements. All the design elements like walls and columns and beams, interior spaces, fixtures and doors and windows etc are clearly shown in detail on these architectural interior models. A designer can take his client on an extensive tour through the building, demonstrating the exact product they would get.

  • Architectural exterior models

The aesthetic part plays a major role in making a design a great success, this is where the exterior modeling comes into the picture. It shows the relationship between the external facades of the building and its immediate surroundings. The lifelike views of the building from just any conceivable angle can be extracted giving the clients a better understanding of the final outcome.

  • 3D landscape models

Sometimes the immediate environment of a structure is just as important as the building itself, 3D landscape models assume a great significance for Revit modeling services in such cases. They give a clear idea of the contours and special features of the place and make landscape development easier. One can show the highways, approach roads, the green features and the natural and designed fixtures through these models for appraisals by experts and clients.

Revit Modeling Services
3 Advantages Of Working With Revit Modeling Services

Working in collaboration with The AEC Associates Revit Modeling Services can be extremely beneficial for AEC professionals in an era when construction cost has skyrocketed, making it difficult for both the clients and the consultants. A smooth collaboration and coordination among various stakeholders involved in a building project to minimize building cost while avoiding wastage of time and resources; the expertise offered by Revit Modeling services can play a major role in this regard. BIM is a great information resource that allows all the stakeholders to add their inputs and access the available information whenever necessary, thus ensuring that all team members work in close coordination.

Benefits of using Revit Modeling Services

Building Information Modeling is a process that is quicker, more efficient and less error prone than all the existing building systems. Using Revit offers several advantages as it has many added features and powerful tools to help both the industry professionals and clients. Following are some many benefits of working with an experienced vendor.

  • Monitoring the efficiency of each stage

Revit Modeling services have several powerful tools at their disposal that enable them to monitor the progress being made during each stage of the project. Team members are able to monitor the components of the host model and can compare the planned progress with that of the practical model and models linked to it.

  • Time saving

Revit offers several tools that make the entire process very convenient and save your precious time. If any component is changed, related components are automatically altered in all the linked models.  Similarly, the progress of the linked models is simultaneously updated in the host model enabling you to take appropriate decisions.

  • Shared information resource

Revit Modeling services ensure smooth execution of a building project; it’s a shared information resource that makes sharing of data among various stakeholders easy and convenient. Any change incorporated by a stakeholder is reflected in the host model and is communicated to all the members of the project team. They can plan their changes accordingly, avoiding confusion and errors.

Revit Modeling Services
Employing Revit Modeling Services For Efficient Facility Management

The construction industry has been revolutionized in the recent years by The AEC Associates Revit Modeling services through the innovative technology and methodology they adopt. Revit Modeling services adopt BIM, the new-age process, that spans the entire lifecycle of a building, unlike the other existing building systems that own no responsibility after the commissioning stage. This ensures a system that is more client-friendly besides providing several powerful tools to design professionals. Let us discuss a few advantages of preferring BIM over the existing building systems.

A valuable information resource: Better facility management

Revit Modeling services offer several benefits directly to the end users that includes empowering them to manage their facility more efficiently. The building owners/ operators face several difficulties while employing the present building systems as they don’t know how to access the information required to solve their problems while managing their buildings at a later stage. They are unable to take right decisions based on relevant information in such situations. BIM is a shared information pool that can be accessed by every stakeholder including the end users. The building owners are thus able to have all the relevant information even after the structure is finally handed over to them.

Working of BIM

The biggest advantage of working with Revit Modeling services is that they enable the building owners/ operators to manage their facilities more efficiently for the entire lifespan of the building. A BIM manager is appointed to ensure efficient management of information systems during the complete tenure of the structure. He develops and tracks the object oriented BIM against the projected performance objectives, that helps in supporting multi-disciplinary building information models and enables users to maintain buildings more efficiently.

Revit Modeling services offer a system that is more client-friendly than all other building systems, it helps to build owners access all the relevant information at the right time to manage the facilities without encountering any problems due to lack of information.

Revit Modeling Services
4 Ways Revit Modeling Services Ensure Efficient Project Management

Handling large architectural projects gives many sleepless nights to most project managers, Revit Modeling Services can come to their aid by employing a process that is far more efficient and less error-prone than any existing building system. Revit modeling services use a new-age software that has a great impact on design process and project management, helping you take the right decisions based on the right information furnished at the right moment. Project managers keep mulling over benefits of BIM modeling for improved coordination, the importance of element ownership, levels of development, and the need to adopt new project roles etc; the success of an organization lies in appreciating their value or importance.

Project managers and BIM

Many professionals still consider BIM as just a sidebar activity due to their negligence about related software, but design technology can certainly help Revit modeling services make the project a huge success. Project managers should compulsorily undergo intense training in BIM and Revit in order to perform their roles More efficiently, more skillfully. Following are some ways BIM can become friendlier and help them manage the project in an efficient manner.

  • Better collaboration

Lack of coordination can be the biggest hurdle for the project management team; BIM facilitates better collaboration among all the stakeholders, developing a dedicated team to deliver a project successfully. The project manager has to make a conscious effort to develop a sense of collective responsibility in all his team members, BIM is a tool that allows him to perform this role more effectively.

  • More efficient drawing process

Despite all the technical jargon, the fact remains that sets of drawings are still the main deliverable of a design team, one just cannot undermine their importance for a project’s successful completion. BIM provides a more comprehensive overview of a building project, the intricate models produced enable you to detect any flaws or errors quite early. Revit modeling services can obtain 2D projections from virtually any angle, these drawings are very precise and accurate. The contractors working on site can ensure accuracy and efficiency using these drawings.

We shall continue to enumerate the benefits offered by BIM to project managers in our next post.


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