CAD Outsourcing Services

CAD Outsourcing Services
4 Benefits Offered By CAD Outsourcing Services In The Present Context

Hiring The AEC Associates CAD Outsourcing Services has become a norm rather than an exception for architectural firms in this age of specialization. Scores of CAD outsourcing services are mushrooming across the globe promising to provide specialized services in different areas;  there is always a debate whether to go for these vendors or whether to stick with your in-house teams for getting your work done. Some old-timers have their apprehensions about entrusting one’s important work to an unknown outsider, yet outsourcing has its advantages. Following are some main benefits of hiring a reputed vendor for your design and documentation work.

  • Top quality

CAD outsourcing services are a bunch of experienced and skilled professionals; they provide specialized services in different disciplines of architecture and engineering. They usually have the experience of working on both small and large projects of all kinds, you can only expect good quality from them. You have your own reputation, you want accuracy and top quality every single time, these vendors can guarantee that if you choose them well.

  • Faster turn-around time

You don’t get your drawings on time and your reputation is tarnished beyond redemption. It’s very important, therefore, that your vendor delivers when he promises. Globalization has ensured that most outsourcing vendors are usually located in different time zones than your own, your work goes on even after you have closed down for the day. Prepare a time schedule and have a good follow-up program, and they will ensure a faster turn-around time.

  • Cost effective

Do you think that outsourcing your work will cost more money? On the contrary, you will already know what it is going to cost you once you hire your vendor. It’s quite cost effective as you are spared the pain of hiring and firing as per the demand of your projects, and you save a lot on office space and equipment, and also on salaries and perks etc.

  • Data security

Data leakage or theft can be a big bane for AEC professionals in this modern era. You can ensure there is no such case by entering into contracts like non-disclosure agreements etc when dealing with CAD outsourcing services. In fact, this threat of data theft or leakage is greater when your in-house teams handle the job as it would be more beneficial for them in certain cases; an outside vendor has little to gain by leaking your design data.

The untiring effort of The AEC Associates CAD Outsourcing Services is the foundation on which the beautiful exterior of every magnificent building is built. CAD outsource services work day and night to fine-tune the different details from the early design conceptualization stage to design development and from the preparation of working drawingsto final construction of the building. It’s not humanly possible for any single individual to perform this colossal task alone, you need a team of dedicated and talented individuals and each of them to perform the tasks assigned to him to ensure a good end-result.

CAD Outsourcing Services: United We Stand
CAD Outsourcing Services: United We Stand

A perfect cohesion: a necessity:

Like a team sport, each member of the assigned team needs to carry out his duty individually and in tandem with other team members. The entire team needs to work in perfect cohesion if the structure has to come up anywhere near the expectations of the client and what was conceptualized by the architect. Construction industry is quite unique in the sense that a number of skills and services have to be coordinated in order to give the final shape to a building or structure. If there is even the slightest of misunderstanding or lack of cohesion among the members, the untiring effort of the entire team may be ruined. It’s not difficult to fathom the embarrassment of the team leader if the design is not completed in time. It would simply mean that the working drawings cannot be finalized. The structural consultants naturally cannot finalize the building structure until the working drawings are supplied to them; the civil contractors are going to remain grounded till they have the working and structural drawings of the building; and so on.

Information sharing:

A smooth sharing of the relevant information between different stakeholders is paramount to ensure a good end product. If one or more members of the CAD outsourcing services fail to pass on the relevant information intentionally or unintentionally, the consequences could be disastrous to say the least. If there is mistrust or undue rivalry among members of the design team, it could result in a huge loss of time, effort and money and the project could even be shelved.

Working in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere is essential to ensure smooth functioning of the team and a successful project. Organizing regular training sessions where the team members are told about the importance of working in cohesion should be a regular feature of the calendar of CAD outsourcing services India

Thousands of CAD outsourcing services providers have come up all over the globe in the recent years. The AEC Associates CAD Outsourcing services provide specialized services to various professionals in the building industry like architects, engineers and interior designers etc. Skyscrapers have become a necessity for the modern man due to constraint of space and the skylines of the 21st century cities are getting higher and higher. These multi-storey or high-rise buildings have changed the construction industry in many ways as the whole concept of building has undergone a sea of change.

CAD Outsourcing Services for Skyscrapers

What’s a skyscraper?

A skyscraper is also called a high-rise building and as the name suggests, a skyscraper is a very tall structure that occupies more space vertically than horizontally. These buildings are massive and present many challenges for the designers through the complexities of structure and the construction process. By definition, it is a structure that is tall enough to necessitate the use of vertical mechanical transportation systems.Modern technology provides many such systems, cranes and elevators being the most favored of these.

Not a new phenomenon:

Even though skyscrapers became a norm only a few decades ago, these are in fact, no new phenomena. As urbanization spread its wings in several developed countries at the end of the 19th century and land prices skyrocketed, the first such structures started coming up. The designers were forced to adopt new concepts and design strategies as land became dearer and as a result, buildings started to grow vertically instead of occupying horizontal space. Over the next few decades building skyscrapers became a standard practice in many developed countries across the globe, especially United States of America and few countries in Europe.

Challenges for the designers:

The skyscrapers present complex problems and challenges for the designers as the buildings must be able to resist a lot of environmental forces and support its weight at the same time. Designers need to provide composite steel structural frames to resist the forces of nature like earthquakes and wind.Similarly, massive concrete foundations are needed to support the vertical gravitational pull.
A few of these foundations can be raft foundations, caissons or pile foundations etc. CAD design outsourcing can prove to be a boon with all the specialized services on offer to help the designers negotiate Modern day skyscrapers that have structures many times more complex than the early high-rise structures.

Multiple services:

The modern high-rise building consists of countless structural elements,  columns and beams, the load bearing shear walls, the cross-bracings, curtain walls, various joining members, and massive foundations etc. In addition, the different services to be provided for such huge structures are also very complex naturally and provisions have to be left for these services right from the very beginning.All this makes the design of skyscrapers a very complex process. CAD Outsourcing services will not only help with the drawing part of your project but also help you in saving your precious time to develop your designs and sharpen your core capabilities.

The introduction of CAD software came as a big boon for the designers in conceptualizing and developing high-rise structures. For example, designing a complex bundle-tube system wouldn’t have been possible without the aid of CAD software.

The modern-day CAD software enables the designers to build more complex and aesthetically superior skyscrapers that are more cost-effective and efficient than ever before. CAD Outsourcing services India facilitates the working of various building professionals by allowing them to concentrate only on their core competencies by offering expert services.

The AEC Associates CAD Outsourcing services have assumed a great significance in the modern world with the computer software replacing the old manual design and drafting process. Professionals in the construction industry like architects, engineers and consultants etc are often in a dilemma whether to hire the CAD outsourcing services or whether to use the in-house teams for performing the job. Unlike many old-timers, the new professionals realize that specialization is the demand of the new age and they feel comfortable outsourcing their design and documentation work to reputed vendors. However, the debate goes on about the positive and negative aspects of this modern phenomenon.

Advantages of CAD Outsourcing Services
Advantages of Outsourcing Services

Let us take a look at a few doubts people have about outsourcing their work to third party vendors:

  • Won’t it skyrocket my cost?
  • Can I depend on some unknown company doing the job for me?
  • What if they fail to deliver on time?
  • Can I risk my reputation by hiring CAD outsourcing services?
  • I don’t like the idea of losing control over my own project.
  • Will the vendor guarantee confidentiality?

All the above doubts cannot be overlooked, these concerns need to be addressed. Let us take a look at a few benefits of outsourcing your work.

  • Reduced operational cost:

Large office facilities and work force are no longer in vogue, outsourcing is a viable option to reduce your operational costs by increasing efficiency. It’s prudent to keep only the employees that are perpetually needed and thus save a hefty sum on the salaries, perks and overhead costs.

  • Focusing only on your strengths:

By hiring only a team that is involved in core functions, you save yourself the pain of hiring and firing employees according to different project needs. Focusing on your core areas and utilizing your time productively is thus easier if you outsource the functions that are not your strengths.

  • Faster turn-around time:

Modern CAD software ensures top quality but they are complex.One requires a lot of time to master them. You can save time and money on training personnel by outsourcing to vendors employing skilled professionals. Moreover, most of these vendors are often located in another part of the world, so your work goes on round the clock. This ensures a faster turn-around time.

Make enquiries before finalizing your third-party vendor and enter into a non-disclosure agreement with them and outsourcing CAD services will prove beneficial for your business and your organization.

It is absolutely essential for The AEC Associates CAD outsourcing services to have a sound record keeping policy in place to keep the office in order and make the past drawings and records accessible for use in the ongoing projects. A good record keeping policy doesn’t only keep the office organized and clean, it also provides a legal safeguard for the CAD outsourcing services in case oflitigations etc. However, just having a policy is not enough, it’s important to incorporate some basic elements in a record retention policy to make it more effective and useful.

CAD Outsourcing Services:
CAD Outsourcing Services: Main Elements of a Record Keeping Policy

Main considerations:

Records play an important role in the working of an organization and it’s important to make sure that the right records can be accessed easily and swiftly whenever the need arises. The policy formed for archiving drawings, specifications and other records should

  • Clearly specify records by categories and sub-categories. Any ambiguities would render the policy ineffective.
  • Describe the time period for which records are to be kept. Keeping the records after they have lost their relevance would only clutter the office and make the retrieval of required drawings or documents more difficult.
  • Specify the method for storing and destructing the records. Standardizing the procedure limits any ambiguity and work doesn’t suffer when somebody leaves the organization.
  • Set up a protocol for the records that cannot be easily categorized and specify if such records are to be retained or discarded.

More considerations:

Apart from the aforementioned elements, the outsourcing CAD services need to consider more intricacies also while forming a record keeping policy for their organizations. Current office practices should be kept in mind while forming the policy so that the staff doesn’t feel uncomfortable adopting it. If an organization doesn’t have a good record keeping policy,it puts enormous burden on individuals who are supposed to remember details for future use. It’s important to ensure that archiving is done scientifically so that it makes it convenient for the employees to use the archived records to enhance the quality of current projects and help them take right decisions based on past experience.

If a CAD design outsourcing company doesn’t have a sound policy in place to keep the records systematically, the office space can turn into chaos very quickly. A good record keeping practice helps the organization run efficiently and in an orderly fashion. The easy retrieval of records is vital for reference during present projects and in case the drawings and documents are needed for legal matter or future constructions etc.

A sound record keeping policy is vital for The AEC Associates Architectural CAD outsourcing services in order to keep the office clean and workflow smooth. There are several considerations for forming a good record keeping policy, however, one basic fundamental to be understood clearly while forming such a policy for the organization is that managing information doesn’t mean retaining everything. It’s absolutely essential to ascertain which information about the projects is to be retained by the Architectural CAD outsourcing services and for how long. The professionals in the construction industry are aware that the obvious archival materials include drawings,specifications and other design material, but it is important to retain other records also. This makes it essential for the policy makers to clearly classify different types of records.

Architectural CAD Outsourcing Service
Architectural CAD Outsourcing Services: Record Keeping & Types Of Records

Types of records:

The records to be retained can be broadly divided under three different archival categories:

  • Architect-owner records- include the site drawings and other records provided by the owner and the sketches made by the design team for discussions with the clients at each stage of the process
  • Consultant records- include the drawings and specifications prepared by various consultants like the structural consultants, electrical consultants, mechanical consultants etc.
  • Architect-contractor records- include the final working drawings and specifications for construction; rates for different works and bills and payment records etc.

These archived documents and records are of utmost importance for the Architectural CAD services. These can be used as resources to tell the chronological story of a project. They enable the organization to pinpoint how specific decisions were made and what were the results of those decisions. It is possible through these documents and records to identify the important decisions that changed the course of a project. They explain the reason why two floors were added to the original plan; why was the flooring material or the mixture specification changed; who passed the order for the changes in the contract of the labor contractor; who approved or altered the specifications for the partition panels or the canopy design.

Documenting each of these decisions is imperative for the CAD outsource services in the following two ways:

  • it may hold significance from a legal point of view, you have to protect yourself from a possible legal backlash in future;
  • It may help in taking decisions in future projects as these drawings and records are important reference materials in case one gets projects of similar types. In addition, the clients may also sometimes return to the architects to request for relevant records that could be helpful in facility management.

A sound record keeping policy can help prevent an office from turning into a chaotic place. Understanding the types of records one has to keep is the first step towards forming such a policy.

The modern ubiquity and power of computer and the growing use of computer programs for designing and drafting have made the job of The AEC Associates Architectural CAD outsourcing services much simpler. The modern-day computer software has made the design and drafting process automated making it faster and more efficient. The power of these software makes people wonder – what is more important for the Architectural CAD outsourcing services in the present scenario- human talent or the efficiency of the machine? What should be better for an organization to invest in- installing sophisticated equipment or hiring the skilled professionals best in their trade?

The power of machines:

If you ask the younger generation that has grown up playing with computers,they would certainly side with the machine. They would tell you that the use of computer software has made the design and drafting process faster, more efficient and more accurate than the erstwhile manual paper-and-ink process. They are of course correct in giving this argument since we all know that the whole process of paper-and-ink manual design and drafting used just a few decades ago was painfully tedious and cumbersome and was prone to errors and inaccuracies as well. CAD software has made it possible to produce drawings at a much faster rate and the accuracy is pretty high. 3D modeling makes playing with forms and shapes much easier giving unprecedented freedom and flexibility to design professionals. It is much easier to find out and rectify the inaccuracies and faults while working with modern computer software. In a nutshell, computers have opened a whole new world of possibilities for the construction industry.

The supremacy of the human brain:

While the importance of the machine is universally accepted today, the power of the human brain cannot be undermined either. It’s true that the whole process has become more efficient and accurate and the workflow has become faster, yet machine can never be a substitute for the human brain. CAD outsourcing services need fast computers and powerful CAD software no doubt but they also need skilled professionals to use the machine and the software. A machine can help a process but the creation depends on the human creativity and dexterity. No software can help you produce great work unless you possess great ideas and exceptional creative ability. The modern-day software still needs the human skill to make full use of the tools and features it offers.

One can, therefore, draw the conclusion that ultimately it’s not human brain versus the power of the machine, but the two of them together that we should be talking about.Put together, they are a deadly combination that can produce breathtaking designs and excellent, accurate drawings. An organization certainly needs powerful modern computer software to be competitive, but at the same time cannot do without highly creative and skilled professionals in their folds.


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