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A new-age process is used by top providers of Building Information Modeling Services like The AEC Associates to address many of the industry’s age-old shortcomings. BIM, a revolutionary technology, gives Building Information Modeling services the potential and capability to improve vital parameters like value creation, productivity and waste reduction. The vertical integration of BIM across all the stages of a building project can enable the industry professionals to make the construction process more efficientand faster, and error-free to a large extent. Realistic, comprehensive models created by this technology allow you to detect errors and clashing elements at an early stage and plan everything beforehand to ensure a smooth construction process.

Building Information Modeling Services
3 Focus Points For Creating An Accurate BIM Model : Building Information Modeling Services
Main focus points for creating BIM models : Building Information Modeling Services

It’s essential for Building Information Modeling services providers to first understand the main focus points for creating a 3D model in order to ensure there are no slip-ups. These focus points are discussed below:

  • Process

The process used for creating a BIM model is entirely different from all the conventional methods like CAD etc. It is far more user friendly since common standards and product oriented representations are employed in abundance here.

  • Documentation

Documents are called reports in BIM terminology; you can in fact extract all kinds of documents like plans and other 2D projections, 3D views, schedules and bills of materials etc, from a BIM model. A BIM model is,therefore, aprimary and very effective tool for documentation.

  • Collaboration

Collaboration is an aspect that makes Building Information Modeling services unique. It’s the main focus of a BIM model making it comprehensive and all-inclusive. Different stakeholders share and work effectively on a common information pool as better collaboration among them is ensured. This shared information resource supports all the stakeholders including architects, surveyors, services consultants, contractors etc, and even the building owners. It allows them to take the right decisions at the right time based on the right information.

Building Information Modeling Services
7 Definite Benefits Of Working With Building Information Modeling Services

The AEC Associates Building Information Modeling Services employ a new-age, revolutionary process that promises to change the entire face of the building industry. BIM goes a step ahead of the power of 3D CAD software and offers a process that promises several benefits to both the industry professionals and the clients alike. Building Information Modeling services don’t forsake the building owner once the structure is handed over to them after construction but remain with Them for its entire lifespan, facilitating the owner/ operators in building and facility management also. BIM is not just a detailed 3D model of a building; it provides a more comprehensive overview of the project, enveloping the whole lifecycle, right from the design conceptualization stage to demolition.

Building Information Modeling Services aspire to employ BIM vertically across all stages of the building process, providing a shared information pool where all the relevant information is stored by every stakeholder for all members of the team. This allows all the stakeholders to take the right decisions based on the right information. Moreover, BIM allows you to work in five dimensions as against three dimensions by 3D CAD, time and cost being the added dimensions. Following are some of the benefits offered by BIM to industry professionals and clients, in clear numeric terms.

  • Building Information Modeling services help you reduce the built cost by nearly 20%, so you can spend more elsewhere.
  • You are able to reduce the overall construction and operational cost over the lifespan of the building by almost one-third of a usual structure.
  • Conflicts and rework during construction are avoided to a large extent, helping you save nearly 55%.
  • BIM helps you improve the overall quality of the construction by almost 50%.
  • The risk factor is nearly halved, resulting in better predictability of outcomes.
  • The efficiency of facility management shows an improvement of nearly 35%.
  • Review and approval cycles show an improvement of almost 35%.

The AEC Associates Building Information Modeling promises to take the construction industry into an era of unprecedented efficiency and accuracy. Unlike what many people think, BIM is not a technology, it’s a process that aims to make the working across all the processes more efficient, faster and error-free. In essence, BIM is a digital representation of the physical and functional characteristics of the building process that offers a more complete overview of the process since it’s a shared information resource.

What Makes Building Information Modeling BIM So Special

Multiple advantages:

Building Information Modeling brings a whole new concept to the construction process. When fully implemented, it can make the building system transparent and client friendly. It offers several benefits that make it very different from and much better than all the existing building systems. Even though most professionals are still reluctant to use it, it has brought added value to the projects wherever it has been employed. Let us take a look at why BIM is better than the existing systems.

Envelopes the entire life-span of a structure:

Perhaps the greatest advantage of BIM lies in the fact that it envelopes the entire life-span of a structure from the early design conception to its demolition stage. While other building systems refuse to take any responsibility once the building is constructed or handed over to the owners/ operators, this new process is in place till the very end to help the users.

No loss of information:

Loss of information during handing over of the project from one stakeholder to the next has always been the biggest bane of every existing building process. BIM ensures that the information is safe and secure since it’s a shared resource. All the stakeholders make their inputs making the information pool comprehensive and mutually beneficial. This is particularly advantageous for the building owners who have access to the right information for taking informed decisions.

Extended scope:

Computer software revolutionized the working of the construction industry by allowing the professionals to work in three dimensions instead of the traditional way of working in two dimensions. Now Building Information Modeling has further extended the scope by adding two more dimensions: time and cost. It allows the designers to calculate the quantities of materials and cost of construction even while they are working on the design. The process also facilitates preparing and adhering to time schedules in a more efficient manner.

BIM Modeling services can play a major role in making the construction industry more efficient and client friendly if a vertical integration of the system could be ensured across all the processes during design and actual construction of a building. Building Information Modeling is the future of the building industry in every sense.


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