BIM Outsourcing Services

BIM Outsourcing Services
4 Ways BIM Outsourcing Services Ensure Efficient Facility Management

The AEC Associates BIM Outsourcing Services employ a new age process that has the potential to change the face of the building industry. BIM, or Building Information Modeling, brings to the table a process that is far more efficient and less error-prone than the existing building systems, enabling BIM outsourcing services to produce outstanding buildings. Another advantage of using BIM is that its value doesn’t end with the commissioning stage, it envelops the entire lifespan of a structure that includes operation and facility management. Let us take a look at how BIM enables building owners/ operators take right decisions based on the right information for efficient facility management.

  • Improved maintenance management system:

BIM outsourcing services integrate BIM model with maintenance management system of the facility to help make facility management  more efficient. It automates the preventive maintenance program in absence of such a system. It also connects to the software package and supplements the existing database to ensure an even more robust maintenance system in case one is already automated.

  • Efficient space management:

BIM provides a comprehensive model of the structure, giving a complete overview of all the spaces of a building. One can thus get an accurate visual idea of the spaces and decide how to use them more efficiently, making a building functionally superior and space management more efficient.

  • Making buildings environment friendly:

Using BIM helps you make a building energy efficient and environment friendly. BIM models can act as a repository for collecting and analyzing data for achieving green goals through developing relevant programs. BIM enables you to keep updating this repository in order to identify new credits needed or the ones to be improved whenever you want green recertification.

  • Making change management efficient:

BIM outsourcing services enable building owners to manage spaces more efficiently. Whenever the purpose or requirement of a space changes, they make it easier for you to identify conflicting elements so that you can plan these changes in a better way.


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