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5 Benefits Of Using 4D BIM Modeling Technique For Your Building Projects In 2021: BIM Consulting Services

The building industry incurs heavy losses every year due to several factors like poor communication, rework, bad data management and so on. Let us understand how 4D BIM modelling has the potential to make the design and construction processes more efficient and productive, and less error-prone.

Firms offering BIM consulting services facilitate the better-planned and cost-effective design and construction processes.

The biggest advantage BIM offers is that it envelops the entire lifespan of a structure unlike other systems that are responsible only till the commissioning stage of a building; working closely with BIM consulting services providers thus enables you to execute your projects in a flawless manner and also manage your facilities more efficiently.

You would of course be thinking what’s all this fuss about, builders and architects are experienced people and have been handling all kinds of building projects for years. However, data clearly shows that the losses of the construction industry run into billions, often ruining the parties involved beyond redemption. So, what could be the main causes for these overruns of cost and schedules? Let us summarize some of these issues here for you:

  • Inaccurate or improper project planning to begin the construction with
  • Lack of sufficient data leading to inaccurate project estimates
  • Not having a backup plan or readiness for change orders
  • System flaws and/ or human errors leading to administration errors
  • Poor operational workflow and un-streamlined processes causing error and inefficiencies
  • Inaccurate drawings, confusion or misinterpretations, or last-minute changes

Role of 4D BIM modelling:

BIM consulting services providers enable you to have a more comprehensive overview of the project right from the initial design conceptualization stage to the design development and construction documentation stage, and from the actual construction process to facilities management. 4D BIM goes a step beyond 3D modelling to help you with material and cost estimation and an accurate time schedule. It integrates various operations and makes it convenient to deal with multiple floors. Let us list some main advantages of using 4D BIM for your building projects in 2021:

  • Multiple construction sequencing options

4D BIM gives the construction process much-needed flexibility by offering several construction sequencing options to the builders and contractors. Simple and traditional 4D scheduling techniques enable the construction team to keep the project timeline on schedule. Multiple prominent alternatives are offered to effectively address the project requirements.

  • Clash-free construction scheduling

BIM consulting services providers use the 4D BIM technique to generate information about the schedules of building products creating a visual in a step-by-step fashion. 4D BIM incorporates important time-related information for different building components- lead-time, construction time, drying and mixing periods, and interdependency on other processes and products.

  • Taking care of the logistics

4D BIM is a revolutionary technology that makes the entire construction process a pleasant experience by facilitating effective planning on when particular equipment is needed on-site and help you manage the logistics part around other parallel activities of the project. You can execute the project flawlessly by taking care of the geometry, logistics, equipment and timelines.

  • Allows to compare the scheduled plan with the actual plan

4D BIM creates scheduling data that can easily be converted into a graphical representation. This greatly helps you in keeping your building projects on schedule as you are able to compare the scheduled plan with the actual plan at any given time and make necessary adjustments.

  • Facilitates optimum resource utilization

Working closely with top BIM vendors allows you to have properly planned data in the form of graphs and datasheets. This affords you better visibility and facilitates resource mobility and better resource planning and utilization. Closer collaboration among all stakeholders ensures optimal resource utilization and helps you achieve higher operational efficiencies and complete your projects within stipulated budgets and timelines.

Associating with top providers of BIM consulting services can help you plan and execute your projects efficiently within the projected timeline. 4D BIM is a revolutionary new-age technology that ensures a more coordinated effort and helps you complete your buildings in a flawless manner.

Revit Modeling Services
3 Benefits Of Hiring Revit Modeling Services For Large, Complex Projects

Hiring The AEC Associates Revit Modeling Services can be a good decision, especially in case of large and complex building projects, in the present-day era where the construction costs have skyrocketed and specialization has become a norm. The comprehensive system used by Revit Modeling services can ensure efficiency of the building process and a positive coordination among different stakeholders involved. It’s possible to develop a perfect building model since each stakeholder is able to access the models of every other stakeholder and there is no lack of cohesion. There are no conflicts or undesirable elements, as a result, and errors are avoided. Following are some main benefits of using Revit in large scale, multidisciplinary projects.

  • Perfect coordination

One of the primary benefits of working with Revit modeling services is that a designer/ consultant can link easily to the Revit model of their other counterparts; they can copy and monitor the elements using the copy/ monitor tool. An appointed person can easily monitor the elements of both the host model and the linked models, resulting in a perfect coordination among all stakeholders.

  • Improved efficiency of the modeling process

It has always been tedious and time consuming updating the host model according to the progress in the linked models. Revit tools allow you to copy elements from linked models and paste them directly on to the host model, making it convenient and simple. One can paste the architectural floor on to the structural floor model to change its properties to convert it into the structural floor without wasting time, for instance.

  • Better execution through sharing design data

One feature that helps Revit modeling services improve efficiency and ensure good execution is the Revit work sharing tool. It allows each user to communicate the design data across all team members without any ambiguity. All the changes made by each user are incorporated into the host model to keep it updated at all times.

Revit Modeling Services
3 Advantages Of Employing Revit Modeling Services

With a steep rise in the construction cost over the past few years, ensuring a smooth workflow has become necessary to avoid wastage of time and money; hiring The AEC Associates Revit Modeling Services can be a step in the right direction in this context. Revit Modeling services use a comprehensive process that ensures coordination among multidisciplinary design team members. Various available tools help team members access the models of other teams and develop their models in perfect cohesion. This means that there are no conflicts at a later stage and the entire process goes smoothly.

Advantages of using Revit Modeling Services in large scale projects

Employing Revit Modeling Services for your building projects, both small and large, brings several advantages- especially in the case of large and complex projects. Following are some of the benefits of using Revit modeling when you are handling projects that need multidisciplinary coordination.

  • Monitoring progress across various disciplines:

A design team can link easily to the Revit model of other disciplines. Now, it is possible for them to copy and monitor the elements through optimizing the copy/ monitor tool. Team members can monitor the elements of both the host model and the linked models.

  • Making the modeling process convenient and less time consuming:

Updating the host model according to the progress in the linked models has always been a complex and time consuming process. However, Revit tools make it convenient by allowing to copy elements from linked models and paste them to the host model. This saves time taken to model those elements. For example, the architectural floor can be pasted on to the structural floor model, changing its properties to convert it into the structural floor.

Sharing design data for better execution:

Revit work sharing feature is a big help in ensuring a smooth execution of modeling services in individual disciplines. This feature enables you to communicate the design data across all team members without any ambiguity. Changes made by each team member are incorporated into the central (host) model to keep it updated.

Revit Modeling services use a system that has many effective tools that help develop effective models. In addition, these tools make the entire process smooth and convenient and ensure multidisciplinary coordination for an efficient workflow.

Building Information Modeling Services

The face of building industry was changed completely with the invention of 3D CAD software and now The AEC Associates Building Information Modeling Services promise to change its face yet again. While 3D software allowed the design professionals more freedom to experiment and innovate and reduce errors; Building Information Modeling services provide a process that is far more efficient and error-free than any of the existing building processes. One of the great advantages of employing Building Information Modeling or BIM as it’s commonly known is that it is just as useful and beneficial for the end-users as it is for the professionals.

What is BIM?

BIM is a physical representation of the physical and functional characteristics of the building process for any project. It offers a more comprehensive overview of the building process, thus is more useful than all the existing systems. Unlike other building models that are responsible for the structure only till it is handed over to the client, BIM holds the responsibility of a building for its entire lifecycle, till its demolition stage. Let us take a look at some of the main advantages of hiring Building Information Modeling services.

  • Providing a shared information resource:

BIM is a shared information resource that compiles relevant discipline specific information from all the stakeholders. Thus it forms a reliable basis for decision making based on the right information during a structure’s entire lifecycle. The owners/ operators can access this information whenever the need arises, making the maintenance of the building easy.

  • Uses added dimensions:

3D CAD software gives an accurate idea about the three dimensions- length, height and depth; however,  BIM goes a step further and allows users to work in five dimensions, time and cost being the additional dimensions. Accurate cost and material estimates and time schedules can be prepared at any stage of the process.

  • Presents a comprehensive overview:

BIM just doesn’t present the geometric view of the structure; it gives a holistic view of the entire building process. Each individual component of this process right from the geometrical aspect of the design and spatial relationship to light analysis, provision of various services and topographical information etc is covered by it.

  • Gives accurate views:

Various views from a building model can be obtained by using BIM design tools that helps in producing high-quality, accurate drawings. These drawings give a more realistic and accurate idea of the final structure as these views are extracted based on a single definition of each object instance and are never inconsistent.

Building Information Services offer several advantages as the process they use is very efficient and accurate. BIM is so far being used in separate stages of a project and the vertical integration across all the stages hasn’t been achieved yet in most cases. However, it’s use is being encouraged more and more as it promises to take the building industry into a different era altogether.

There has been a lot of talk in the recent years about the usefulness of The AEC Associates BIM Modeling Services for the construction industry. Despite its huge potential, Building Information Modeling hasn’t yet been extensively adopted by all the stakeholders and its necessary to look at the main hurdles in the way of its adoption across all the processes. BIM Modeling services bring a new speed and efficiency to the building process. Being a shared information source, it enables all the stakeholders to access the right information for taking right decisions. Let us take a look at a few advantages of the modeling system over the existing systems once it’s implemented for a project:

  • Higher productivity as compared to the existing systems;
  • Increased awareness about the working of other stakeholders and reduction in misunderstandings among them as a result;
  • Increased efficiency in the procurement process, evident from reduced cases of cancellations of orders;
  • Increased involvement of all stakeholders in decision making, leading to increased efficiency and satisfaction levels and reduced costs;
  • Availability of more and better design and construction options for the owners without spending more.
BIM Modeling Services: Taking The Industry Forward
BIM Modeling Services: Taking The Industry Forward

Obstacles in the way of widespread BIM deployment:

Despite the fact that BIM building services offer multiple benefits, there has been a general reluctance among the AEC organizations and professionals in hiring these services. It’s essential to investigate the obstacles in the way of the implementation of BIM in order to make the building process faster, more efficient and error free. Let us discuss some of the reasons for this reluctance:

  • One surprising thing is that BIM is being used in isolation in one of the processes during the execution of a project but there is no effort to integrate the processes. All the stakeholders- owners, designers, consultants, contractors, suppliers, lawyers and insurers etc should make the full use of the system that is a shared information resource as mentioned above. The challenge lies in integrating BIM across all the phases and stakeholders of a project.
  • A lack of knowledgeable professionals capable of taking the construction industry into a new era where BIM is commonplace is perhaps the biggest hurdle in its implementation. Establishing BIM education and training programs for the AEC professionals is the need of the hour.
  • One major hurdle in the wider use of the new system is that people concentrate too much on the technical aspect and forget to work on the implementation aspect.
  • Shortage of software applications that support a BIM approach is another major hurdle in its adoption and vertical integration.

BIM service providers can ensure efficiency of the building process and make life easier for both the construction professionals and building owners. There is a need to work towards the vertical integration of BIM across all the disciplines of a project so that every stakeholder may reap all its benefits.

Building Information Modeling services provide a more efficient and error-free system that helps the building professionals in serving their clients well by producing excellent quality work. The concept of Building Information Modeling (BIM) is relatively new for the building industry but it’s gradually becoming more popular the world over. BIM provides a more complete overview of a construction project and is considerably more beneficial to both the building professionals as well as the end users. It offers certain advantages that make it for more effective than the existing building processes.

Building information modeling USA, Canada
Building information modeling

Building Information Modeling Services Advantages

Added dimensions:

3D CAD software took the design process into a new era that was much faster than erstwhile 2D manual process and enabled the designers to work in three dimensions, viz length, breadth and depth. Now The AEC Associates Building Information Modeling services have extended the scope even further and added two more dimensions, namely cost and time. Bills of materials and cost estimations can now be obtained along with desired views while working on the design.Similarly, very accurate time schedules can be prepared and adhered to in a more efficient manner.

Shared information system:

BIM enables the building professionals to hand over a virtual information model of the project to the principal contractor and sub-contractors, and subsequently the owners/operators of the building get the same detailed information. Each of these professionals- architect, structural, civil and building services engineers, and surveyors etc- make their inputs regarding discipline specific data to the model which is shared by each stakeholder. One of the biggest problems while handing over the project to the next team/ stakeholder has been the loss of Information;however, BIM Modeling services ensure that there are minimal information losses. This also ensures that a more extensive information database is now available for the owners of the buildings, which may help them make informed decisions at a later stage.

Encompassing entire building span:

Involvement of BIM is not just till the final construction of a structure unlike other modeling systems; its usefulness extends throughout the building life cycle. All the processes from the early conceptualization to the demolition of the building- cost management, construction management, project management and facility operation are supported by BIM service providers.

More efficient management:

BIM spans the entire life cycle of a structure, as mentioned above, right from the initial conception to its full occupancy tenure till its demolition. An efficient management of information systems during the complete building life cycle requires employing a BIM manager. Developing and tracking the object oriented BIM against the projected performance objectives, supporting multi-disciplinary building information models and helping the designers produce an efficient and attractive building, and the owners in its maintenance are some of the main responsibilities of a BIM manager.

BIM consulting services provide a powerful tool to the building professionals in producing functionally superior and aesthetically breathtaking buildings. Even though BIM is a complex system, most professionals are unanimous that the future of the building industry lies in its optimum use.

BIM Modeling Services outsourcing is a comparatively new concept in building construction that enables all the stakeholders to share the information and make the whole process more efficient. Introduction of advanced 3D CAD softwares helped the construction professionals take the design process from the times of cumbersome 2D design methods into the era of fast and accurate 3D design that offers unprecedented flexibility and freedom to play with forms and shapes. Now The AEC Associates BIM Modeling services outsourcing promises to provide even more opportunities to all the stakeholders to use a process that is more accurate and more efficient.

BIM Modeling Services Outsourcing
Benefits of BIM Modeling Services Outsourcing

A revolutionary concept:

BIM is a digital representation of the physical and functional characteristics of the building process. It offers a more comprehensive overview of the entire building process to all the stakeholders involved with the process.SinceBIM is a shared information resource for all the data about a building or structure,so it forms a reliable basis for decision making during its entire life-cycleright from the earliest design concept to the demolition stage. While 3D softwares enabled the users to visualize in three dimensions, viz width, height and depth, BIM extends the scope further to five dimensions now.Time is the fourth dimension and cost the fifth in this revolutionary system. Going beyond mere geometric form, Building Information Modeling presents a holistic view of the entire building process.Each individual component of the process is covered by BIM, from the geometrical aspect of the design to spatial relationship and light analysis, provision of various services to geographic and topographic information, and also quantities and properties of building components used to time schedules.

BIM design tools:

Different views can be extracted from a building model with the help of BIM tools facilitating the production of top-quality drawings. These drawings give a lifelike idea of the end product since the views are based on a single definition of each object instance and are always consistent.

Smooth workflow:

BIM Modeling services outsourcing makes the entire design process very simple and smooth as it defines objects as parameters and relations to other objects. When any object is altered, all the associatedobjects automatically change as well.

Attributes can be allocated to each model component, so you can select and order them automatically providing cost estimations etc.The tasks of material tracking and ordering can also be performed efficiently using BIM.

Building Information Modeling is a complex process, but it makes the whole building process very simple and offers multiple advantages to all the stakeholders. Building professionals across the globe are using BIM Modeling services outsourcing to improve efficiency, safeguard vital information and improve coordination between all stakeholders.


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