Architectural CAD Drafting Services

Top providers of Architectural CAD drafting services like The AEC Associates shoulder a massive responsibility while designing a building for their clients, they carry their hopes and aspirations of having a dream castle of their own. The constant endeavor of Architectural CAD drafting services providers is to produce functionally efficient and visually pleasing buildings that take care of all the essential parameters.

Architectural CAD Drafting Services

The design team must, therefore, take care of every important aspect of the design process; some of these aspects are discussed here.

  • Satisfying the needs and aspirations of the client

Architectural CAD drafting services team must focus on the needs and aspirations of the client,after all, it is for them only. It’s important to know more and more about their personalities and philosophies of the clients, their choices and preferences, their likes and dislikes.This would help you design a building that has the mark of their personality and style written all over it.

  • It begins with the site

You cannot design a building without having a construction sites. It’s never a good idea to build a structure in complete isolation from the site, it should actually look a part of its surroundings. Try taking the most of the benefits offered by the immediate surroundings. Make full use of various aspects like the gradient of the soil, the sun and wind orientation, the ground water and scenic views,and so on. You could actually frame the requirements according to the site conditions.

  • Using appropriate technology

Using state-of-the-art technology is unavoidable in an era where machines are replacing the man everywhere. Technology could help you in so many ways; make the structure energy efficient,provide comfortable living and working conditions without actually taking anything away from the established customs and traditions, reduce construction cost; the list just goes on.

Reputed companies offering Architectural CAD drafting services constantly strive to produce timeless architecture with masterpieces that are a wonderful mix of tradition and technology. Taking care of certain aspects of design process can enable them to live up to the expectations of their clients and draw praise from every quarter.

Top providers of Architectural CAD drafting services like The AEC Associates constantly deal with tons of records, often causing chaos and confusion among the ranks. If one doesn’t have a good record keeping policy in place, it becomes virtually impossible to decide which records to keep and for how long, and which ones to discard and when;There is every chance that Architectural CAD drafting services company could get lost in a maze of records that are unmanageable and sometimes even unusable.

Architectural CAD Drafting Services

Countless computer files and paper records/ drawings are produced by the building industry professionals. An organization must decide how to manage these drawings and other records efficiently during the course of a project and after the project is over. The million dollar question is why should you keep these records anyway? These records take so much of your time and resources, wouldn’t you want to do away with them?

Record keeping assumes great significance for Architectural drafting services agencies for several reasons in the short term and in the long term;some of these reasons are discussed below.

  1. Legal protection

No organization wants to lose sleep or money over unnecessary law suits. Different countries have different laws regarding the time frame in which an action may be taken after the commissioning stage of a building. This period usually ranges between a period of up to 5 and 15 years.It’s imperative to possess all the required drawings and records in place to be able to keep a track of the building’s performance and stay clear of any problems.

  1. Efficient service to the clients

You don’t end your association with your client once the project is over. They often need your services later for various reasons. You can provide efficient services only if you have the earlier drawings and other details readily available. They might want to make alterations or additions in their building some time in future or may need your assistance in proper maintenance of the facility. It would be easy to take up such jobs if previous records are readily available and no measurement and redrawing work is necessary.

  1. For future projects

Architectural CAD drafting services providers need to undertake a lot of research work for new projects,which takes up valuable man hours. Availability of drawings and other relevant records from similar projects could save the organization valuable time and effort. This makes a sound record keeping policy very important.

Reputed companies providing Architectural CAD drafting services always choose to have a sound record keeping policy based on expert advice and past experience in place since maintaining records without having a good policy is inviting trouble. You would be lost in a maze of irretrievable records in such a scenario.

Designing a railway station is always a big opportunity for top providers of Architectural CAD drafting services like The AEC Associates;they can play an important role in providing a great impact on the community and giving a face lift to the entire locality through their design. Style and aesthetics are naturally important ingredients of a train station building,however, Architectural CAD drafting services should incorporate a few design elements to make them functionally efficient as well.

Architectural CAD Drafting Services

These elements are essential for a railway station to achieve its basic objectives;these are discussed below.

  • Safety

A station building must be safe for the commuters, employees, and other visitors; frills, appearance, comforts or style should be considered only after ensuring complete safety by Architectural CAD drafting services team.The passenger flow through the station and their pattern of approaching the place and boarding and alighting from the train should be studied minutely. The required views of the employees should be determined. Designers can make train stations safe in following ways:

  1. Ideally the exit doors should not face the tracks. This ensures that passengers never stumble onto the tracks even though it may seem a bit inefficient.
  2. Allow the passengers to see where they are going by providing views in and views out. This can be achieved by providing a transparent glass wall instead of a solid brick wall,which will also enhance the aesthetic value of the structure.
  • Accessibility

A large number of disabled persons also use trains for commuting everyday, it’s imperative for Architectural CAD drafting services providers to make the stations safe and accessible for them. Two-foot warning strips with little bumps on either side of the track can prevent the disabled from falling onto the tracks. Designers must consider special needs of every category of disabled persons to make their journey safe and comfortable. Every facility should be made accessible, safe and convenient for the disabled.

Railway stations are used by the majority of population today, it’s the responsibility of the providers of Architectural CAD drafting services to plan functionally efficient and aesthetically pleasing stations to make the experience pleasant for the commuters. They should try to make train stations safe and accessible for all to make them an integral part of the locality.

Architectural CAD Drafting Services
3 Elements Of Contemporary Bank Buildings Architectural CAD Drafting Services Should Consider

Banks play an important role in modern-day society; designing contemporary bank buildings is a challenging task for the providers of Architectural CAD Drafting Services like The AEC Associates as the concept of bank design has changed drastically with advancements in technology in the recent years. Modern banks are not supposed to be just completely safe and secure but must also provide a welcoming feeling to the visitors; definitely a great riddle for Architectural CAD drafting services providers. You don’t have to produce banks that look just like vaults placed within more vaults; the society and the financial world expects a lot more from them. Let us discuss the main elements of contemporary bank architecture here.

  • Reflecting the community

One basic principle for Architectural CAD drafting services is that a bank branch is a part of the community.More than 75% of a bank’s sales are made at a physical branch even today when online banking has become a norm. The designers must keep innovating to attract more customers into banks for continued growth of the banking industry. The banks should give a welcoming feeling to the customers;the lobbies should have comfortable seating and modern amenities to give a cozy, pleasing appearance.

  • Openness and efficiency

Security doesn’t remain the only consideration for the modern bank; openness and efficiency have become important parameters with technology taking care of the security aspect. Toughened, bullet-proof glass provides ample safety and security to the bank enclosures and also gives them an exquisite look in addition. Closed offices are seen no longer in modern banks with paneling and open door cubicles replacing them, providing a more open and inviting work environment.

  • Energy efficiency

The changing concept of bank design demands that providers of Architectural CAD drafting services consider Making the bank branches more environment friendly. Green architecture hasn’t just remained a buzz word, you must make structures more energy efficient,and banks are no exceptions. Being an integral part of the community, banks should convey a clear message that protecting our environment is our prime responsibility.


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