Architectural CAD Conversion

Several Architectural design service companies like The AEC Associates provide specialized Architectural CAD Conversion services, promising accurate, top-quality converted drawings to the clients. Architectural CAD conversion is essential for the AEC industry and most organizations prefer Architectural design service providers over their in-house teams for this job. The importance of the conversion process often bemuses people, they wonder about what benefits it brings to the industry professionals.

Architectural CAD Conversion

Following are some of the main benefits of Architectural CAD conversion for AEC professionals:
  • Existing drawings for extension projects

A set of accurate, good-quality drawings of the existing structure is required by the design team while planning extension/ addition/ remodeling of a project. PDF drawings of the existing structure are converted into DWG drawings through Architectural CAD conversion to provide precise, accurate drawings that can be viewed, worked upon and edited conveniently by the designers to start the design process.

  • Protecting the professional interests of the designers

Architects and other industry professionals are always at a risk of data being leaked or stolen, causing them great professional damage. This risk increases in case data are shared with the client, other consultants or third-party vendors. PDF files are rather like erstwhile paper prints that cannot be edited or tampered with. This protects the professional interests of the architectural organization; however, these files have to be re-converted later into CAD files through CAD conversion when further work is planned for the building.

  • Protecting the financial interests of industry professionals

Architects and other industry professionals need to safeguard their financial interests. It’s virtually impossible to copy, edit or tamper with PDF files; thus, your drawings are at a lesser risk of falling into wrong hands.

Architectural CAD conversion has become an integral part of the design process in this era of CAD software. Choose reputed conversion agencies to ensure quality, and you will get multi-faceted benefits from this service.

Architectural CAD Conversion Services
3 Main Challenges Faced By Architectural CAD Conversion Services

The AEC Associates Architectural CAD Conversion Services perform an important task for the design industry today. Many industry professionals like architects, structural engineers, interior designers, contractors, and various services consultants look forward to Architectural CAD conversion services for obtaining quality drawings of existing structures before a remodeling, addition or alteration job. The industry has seen countless online conversion companies mushrooming across the world in the recent years,making people believe CAD conversion is an easy job. However, it’s neither simple nor easy a task, there are several issues that make it a challenging one. You are bound to get poor results if you don’t get it right. Some of these issues are discussed below.

  • Lack of CAD entities

The converted drawings provide a starting platform for the future design process, it therefore becomes important for Architectural CAD conversion services to consistently produce high quality drawings.One of the main issues here is that PDF files don’t contain any CAD entities like arcs or circles.These entities are made out of either several short lines or out of Bezier curves,both equally difficult to handle. You need agood conversion software and skilled professionals to accomplish this job competently.

  • Presence of text strings

PDF files contain words and sentences as strings of individual characters.Each of these charactershas a specific positional and style information. A less than perfect conversion would render the converted text illegible or at least unclear making it very challenging.

  • Number of raster files

One more thing Architectural CAD conversion services need to take care about during the CAD conversion is the number of raster files the conversion software is producing. While a good quality software would create just one raster file for the entire drawing, poor quality software could generate one raster file for each raster image.This would make storage and retrieval of drawings virtually a nightmare.

Architectural CAD Conversion Services
3 Complex Situations Architectural CAD Conversion Services Must Take Care Of

The AEC Associates Architectural CAD Conversion Services play a major role in making the design process successful, providing the drawings of the existing structure as the foundation stone for future design work. There is often a misconception that the job of Architectural CAD conversion services is a simple one, the process in fact involves many tricky situations that may result in poor drawings if not taken care of.

Quality conversion services:

With the availability of several online conversion companies, clients now expect fast, efficient and top-quality conversion from Architectural CAD conversion services; converted drawings should necessarily be clear and accurate.  As mentioned earlier, the conversion process involves numerous complexities that should be taken care of in order to make the process effective and successful. Let us discuss top three issues that make the conversion process quite complex.

  • Absence of vector arc and circle entities:

A vector PDF file is a simple one and does not contain any CAD arc or circle entities. Several short lines or Bezier curves are used to form arcs and circles here; a complex process difficult to handle by any means. You need skilled professionals and quality software to ensure quality drawings.

  • Words and sentences as text strings:

PDF files contain words and sentences as sets of individual characters. Each of these characters have specific positional and style information. Reconversion of text is always a tricky job as any inaccuracy can result in broken or illegible words and characters.

  • Creation of multiple raster files:

Architectural CAD conversion services should always be cautious about the conversion software they use as an inferior quality software converts each raster image into a separate raster file. This means that you may have to deal with hundreds of raster files for a single drawing. Quality software create a single raster file for one drawing to avoid inconvenience and ambiguity, and should naturally be used.


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