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3 Features Of Non-Disclosure Agreements To Help You Protect Your Interests: 3D CAD Design Services

The AEC Associates 3D CAD Design Services strive hard to produce excellent designs for their clients, spending countless hours on each project. Outsourcing has now become a norm, however, there is always a concern that the design or a part of it might get leaked or stolen while outsourcing the job to 3D CAD design services; really a disastrous situation for both parties. It’s never a pleasant feeling that someone else gets the credit for the work done by you; this might also result in huge financial and professional losses for you, in addition. This threat of information leakage becomes even larger when you deal with a third-party vendor, needing you to take some preventive measures.

Protecting your professional/ financial interests:

Theft of your classified data can’t only hurt your professional and financial interests, it will also damage your reputation beyond redemption in some cases. You must think about entering into confidentiality agreements with 3D CAD design services as they can act as a buffer against data theft or leakage. Confidentiality agreements like non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) have the potential to ensure that your classified information remains safe and does not fall into undesirable hands. Following are three main features of NDAs.

  1. Definition of term confidentiality

It’s essential to clearly define the term confidentiality in order to make it absolutely clear which information is not to be disclosed without prior permission.

  1. Defining the parties responsible

It’s necessary to state specifically whether both parties are bound by the agreement or it binds only one of the parties. If both parties stand to lose in case of theft/ leakage of information, a mutual agreement should be formed. However, if only one party stands to lose in case of disclosure of data, only the other party should be made legally responsible in the agreement.

  1. Defining the time period for non-disclosure of information

Specifically stating the time period for the non disclosure of information in the agreement is essential so that there is no confusion for 3D CAD design services at a later stage.

It’s important to enter into a carefully drafted non-disclosure agreement to protect your interests against any data leakage or theft. These agreements act as a buffer against business losses and also help you maintain your good relations.

3D CAD Drawing Services
3 Benefits of Outsourcing To 3D CAD Drawing Services

Outsourcing the drawing work to The AEC Associates 3D CAD Drawing Services has gradually become a common practice around the world as internet revolution and fast communication systems made it very convenient to remain in constant touch with the third-party vendor located in just any part of the globe. We are living in an era of specialization; 3D CAD drawing services; being an assortment of experienced, well qualified professionals; ensure top quality drawings and quick turnaround time. Some people still question the logic behind outsourcing the drafting job to outsiders when their in-house teams have been performing it for ages, while others prefer focusing on their core competencies and not shouldering the burden of handling these mundane tasks.

Following are some of the main benefits of outsourcing your drawing job to reputed third-party vendors.

  • Reduced operational cost

People generally have a misconception that outsourcing to 3D CAD drawing services must be a costly affair; on the contrary, it actually reduces your operational costs. Outsourcing a major chunk of your work means that you no longer need a large office facility or work force. You can afford to keep only the employees that are perpetually needed, saving a hefty sum on the salaries, perks and overhead costs.

  • Focusing on your core competencies

Outsourcing your routine drafting job allows you to concentrate entirely on your core competencies, You can thus improve your quality and efficiency. In addition, you can keep smaller number of employees and spare yourself the pain of hiring and firing employees according to different project requirements.

  • Faster turn-around time

You need to invest time and money to train your employees in mastering working on complex CAD software. You thus save time and resources by outsourcing to vendors employing skilled professionals. These vendors are often located in another part of the world ensuring that your work goes on even when you close your office for the day. Working with experienced, reputed 3D CAD drawing services thus assures top quality drawings and a faster turn-around time.

3D CAD Drawing Services
4 Advantages Of Hiring 3D CAD Drawing Services

Outsourcing your drawing and documentation job to The AEC Associates 3D CAD Drawing Services can be a beneficial proposition since it allows you to focus on your core activities, giving your creativity a big boost. In our previous post, we were enumerating some of the advantages of working with 3D Cad drawing services instead of using the traditional way of getting the drawing and documentation work done from the in-house teams. These vendors are an assortment of highly skilled professionals specializing in different architectural disciplines and having the experience of working on both small and large projects alike. The discussion is continued here.

  • Reduced operational cost

People often have a misconception that outsourcing your documentation work to 3D CAD drawing services will cost a lot of money, this is simply not true. First of all, you already know what it is going to cost you once you hire them; on the other hand, your cost can really escalate if your in-house team is not that capable or efficient. Also, you save a lot on office space and extra employee salaries and benefits when you outsource your drawing job.

  • Data security

Data security is a prime concern when dealing with an outside vendor; in fact, you have to be cautious even while getting the work done by your in-house team. You can breathe easy in the matter by entering into a non-disclosure agreement with the vendor or adopting similar measures. They will be extra cautious to protect your design data as they might lose reputation, and even money, in case of data theft or leakage.

Outsourcing your drawing and documentation work will definitely be a profitable proposition if you enquire well about 3D CAD drawing services before handing them the project. Just make sure they possess the experience and expertise needed for your project, and form non-disclosure agreements with them to keep your data safe from theft or leakage.


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