It is absolutely essential for The AEC Associates CAD outsourcing services to have a sound record keeping policy in place to keep the office in order and make the past drawings and records accessible for use in the ongoing projects. A good record keeping policy doesn’t only keep the office organized and clean, it also provides a legal safeguard for the CAD outsourcing services in case oflitigations etc. However, just having a policy is not enough, it’s important to incorporate some basic elements in a record retention policy to make it more effective and useful.

CAD Outsourcing Services:
CAD Outsourcing Services: Main Elements of a Record Keeping Policy

Main considerations:

Records play an important role in the working of an organization and it’s important to make sure that the right records can be accessed easily and swiftly whenever the need arises. The policy formed for archiving drawings, specifications and other records should

  • Clearly specify records by categories and sub-categories. Any ambiguities would render the policy ineffective.
  • Describe the time period for which records are to be kept. Keeping the records after they have lost their relevance would only clutter the office and make the retrieval of required drawings or documents more difficult.
  • Specify the method for storing and destructing the records. Standardizing the procedure limits any ambiguity and work doesn’t suffer when somebody leaves the organization.
  • Set up a protocol for the records that cannot be easily categorized and specify if such records are to be retained or discarded.

More considerations:

Apart from the aforementioned elements, the outsourcing CAD services need to consider more intricacies also while forming a record keeping policy for their organizations. Current office practices should be kept in mind while forming the policy so that the staff doesn’t feel uncomfortable adopting it. If an organization doesn’t have a good record keeping policy,it puts enormous burden on individuals who are supposed to remember details for future use. It’s important to ensure that archiving is done scientifically so that it makes it convenient for the employees to use the archived records to enhance the quality of current projects and help them take right decisions based on past experience.

If a CAD design outsourcing company doesn’t have a sound policy in place to keep the records systematically, the office space can turn into chaos very quickly. A good record keeping practice helps the organization run efficiently and in an orderly fashion. The easy retrieval of records is vital for reference during present projects and in case the drawings and documents are needed for legal matter or future constructions etc.