At the outset, one feels, the very subject of this article is more a question that a statement: CAD Drawing Services in Interior Design? The question arises from the very fact that by nature

(a)    Interior Design is more site and action oriented than drawing and process driven

(b)   CAD Drawing Services represent an in-sourced or outsourced unit that receives organized inputs as a part of a well-oiled work process.

See the inherent contradiction?

Let’s delve deeper.

Interior Project Types

In Architecture, the answer can often be found in Mies van der Rohe’s immortal lines:

“God lies in the detail”

Interior design has various project types, each with its own nuance, size, standard and trend:

  • Homes: Independent houses, bungalows, suburban villas, country homes: classic, spacious, relaxing ambience blending in nature
  • Residential: Apartments, Condominiums, Penthouses, Luxury Suites: cater to style and megalomania of urban rich, at times the richest in the world
  • Private offices: Small and Medium Enterprise, Individual Owned with pride and economy being at the fore
  • Corporate Interiors: The assembly lines of cubes, the epitome of perfection, system and monotony, with a splash of life and color thrown in for a show of feeling
  • Hospitality: A renowned hotelier once spoke these valuable words at a hotel designers’ conference: “In a hotel, the interiors are not just a background element that create a buying atmosphere or an ambience of productivity. A hotel interior is not a by-product. It’s the product that the hotel sells to its prospective customers!”
  • Retail: A retail interior is the product of an in-depth study by experts in consumer behavior, market dynamics and the psychology of design, all focused on creating just one thing: a buying atmosphere. An ambience that encourages purchase.

Each project type uses CAD Drawing Services in a different way: to know more, read our ensuing Blog: CAD Drawing Services for Interior Project Types

Scope of Work

CAD Drawing Services for Interior Design project would vary in some ways from Architectural or Engineering projects. Here is an overview of the Scope of work, which again would vary with the project size and type:

  • Schematic Design: While it is rare to use CAD Drawing Services at this stages, but large projects need elaborate planning, and oft clients ask for several options before finalization. Some smart sized architects, especially in smart sized cities like New York, Tokyo or Mumbai use the services of CAD Drawing Services with whom they have worked before and have a ‘tuned wavelength’
  • Design Development: CAD Drawing Services are the least used by Interior Designers at this stage, since this is the hands on stage of designing, where ideas are not yet frozen to the extent they need to be for handing over to another unit or firm
  • Construction Documentation: The most commonly outsourced stage to CAD Drawing Services firms. Again, since Interiors Design is a fast tracked hands-on profession, thorough Construction Documentation is done only in some cases such as:
    • Large projects
    • Projects managed by Project Management Companies
    • Countries where Construction Documentation carries legal liability
    • Contractually specified
    • Complex projects
    • Complex and critical services


Outsourcing in CAD Drawing Services for Interiors may not have caught on as well as in buildings, but there are some fields of Interior Design where CAD Drawing Services are a hit. Here’s a quick look:

  • Retail Interiors: Retail Interior Firms across heavily on Outsourcing of CAD Drawing Services for their roll-outs, because of the following nuances of their work:
    • Repetition: Boring and high volume low price jobs for the Design Firm
    • Zero Error: Each Interior of a Retail Chain must look exactly the same everywhere across the world
    • Time: A new outlet or new look creates excitement amongst prospective buyers. But this faddish fervor has a low shelf life. The key to success of a retail chain is encashing on the cost of opportunity by opening stores across many locations in limited predetermined spans.
    • Hospitality Interiors: As mentioned earlier in this Article, for a hotel the interiors are the product they are selling. Hence Outsourcing of CAD Drawing Services is welcome, allowing the Interior Designers to focus on creativity, perfection and implementation. The huge size and large time scales of the project also allow a CAD Drawing Services to give valuable service with excellent savings

Summarily, CAD Drawing Services have a special and relevant role to play in Interior Design.