CAD Conversion Services Outsourcing: Lifeline for Building Industry

CAD Conversion Services Outsourcing: Lifeline for Building Industry

Even a lot of professionals still wonder about why we need CAD Conversion services outsourcing at all. The reason given is that when their in-house teams can do the job, going for CAD conversion services outsourcing is quite unnecessary and extravagant. As a matter of fact, most professionals were unaware of this conversion phenomenon till a few years ago, but it has become an important part of the building industry today.

PDF to CAD conversion company
PDF to CAD conversion company

CAD (DWG) files:

Professionals in the fields of architecture, engineering, or construction today use CAD softwares that create heavy two dimensional and three dimensional designs. Most CAD softwares use DWG or DXF file formats to store this design data. Although these file formats offer very efficient and comprehensive features for design requirements, the files created are sometimes very huge and heavy and problem arises when they have to be emailed. The CAD files have,therefore, to be converted into some other lighter file format to be emailed.

PDF files:

PDF file format is ideal for conversion purposes for several reasons. First, Adobe reader required to view these files is pre-installed in practically every computer, so viewing these is easy. They can also be viewed on nearly all web browsers.

A PDF file may contain several pages, each page being any combination of 2D vector graphics, text or raster images. You can view these pages in sequence,the best part is that viewed pages are exactly as they would look in print.


PDF files allow for very fine positional accuracy of text.Often words and sentences are held as sets of individual characters.Each of these characters has associative positional and style information.

Line widths and positioning in a PDF file are accurate, so this format is ideal for holding and reconversion of the design data held in the DWG files. PDF files are reconverted into CAD files so that they can be viewed and modified as required. However, this task is not as simple as most people think and there CAD conversion services outsourcing becomes a necessity.

Issues with CAD conversion:

PDF vector graphics are limited. A vector PDF file contains no CAD arc or circle entities. These arcs and circles are,therefore, either made out of several short lines, which are extremely difficult to edit, or made out of Bezier curves that too are difficult to negotiate. Services of skilled professionals or organizations are needed to produce quality converted drawings.

Reconverting the complex string of words and texts is also a difficult task as each string has associated specific positional and style information, any less than perfect conversion would give an output that produces only illegible words and sentences. CAD conversion services outsourcing can prove to be a lifeline for the building industry as every organization now requires these converted drawings on a daily basis. Quality of these drawings is of paramount importance as they form the starting point for the design process.