Top Benefits of BIM Modeling Services Outsourcing

Top Benefits of BIM Modeling Services Outsourcing

BIM Modeling Services outsourcing is a comparatively new concept in building construction that enables all the stakeholders to share the information and make the whole process more efficient. Introduction of advanced 3D CAD softwares helped the construction professionals take the design process from the times of cumbersome 2D design methods into the era of fast and accurate 3D design that offers unprecedented flexibility and freedom to play with forms and shapes. Now The AEC Associates BIM Modeling services outsourcing promises to provide even more opportunities to all the stakeholders to use a process that is more accurate and more efficient.

BIM Modeling Services Outsourcing
Benefits of BIM Modeling Services Outsourcing

A revolutionary concept:

BIM is a digital representation of the physical and functional characteristics of the building process. It offers a more comprehensive overview of the entire building process to all the stakeholders involved with the process.SinceBIM is a shared information resource for all the data about a building or structure,so it forms a reliable basis for decision making during its entire life-cycleright from the earliest design concept to the demolition stage. While 3D softwares enabled the users to visualize in three dimensions, viz width, height and depth, BIM extends the scope further to five dimensions now.Time is the fourth dimension and cost the fifth in this revolutionary system. Going beyond mere geometric form, Building Information Modeling presents a holistic view of the entire building process.Each individual component of the process is covered by BIM, from the geometrical aspect of the design to spatial relationship and light analysis, provision of various services to geographic and topographic information, and also quantities and properties of building components used to time schedules.

BIM design tools:

Different views can be extracted from a building model with the help of BIM tools facilitating the production of top-quality drawings. These drawings give a lifelike idea of the end product since the views are based on a single definition of each object instance and are always consistent.

Smooth workflow:

BIM Modeling services outsourcing makes the entire design process very simple and smooth as it defines objects as parameters and relations to other objects. When any object is altered, all the associatedobjects automatically change as well.

Attributes can be allocated to each model component, so you can select and order them automatically providing cost estimations etc.The tasks of material tracking and ordering can also be performed efficiently using BIM.

Building Information Modeling is a complex process, but it makes the whole building process very simple and offers multiple advantages to all the stakeholders. Building professionals across the globe are using BIM Modeling services outsourcing to improve efficiency, safeguard vital information and improve coordination between all stakeholders.