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Auditing Is Not Policing: 3D CAD Design Services

Auditing is often considered a dirty word in the construction industry, yet one cannot undermine its importance for The AEC Associates 3D CAD Design Services. The industry professionals feel that auditing is synonymous with policing that is done to find scapegoats for a disaster; the fact is, however, it’s an essential process that aims at improving the quality and efficiency of 3D CAD design services.

External auditing: An important process

Auditing is not another term for witch hunt, it’s objective is not to look for faults or deficiencies of a person, an organization, or a system. It’s real purpose is to identify the source of the quality produced by the team and suggest improvements through documentation.

The process, the methodology

The primary objective of auditing is to identify the source of quality produced by a team or an organization; the process is initiated by going through the quality reports in depth and scrutinizing the projects handled by the organization over a fixed period of time. An expected level of quality (called consistent quality level or CQL) is then defined with the objective of maintaining the quality of the output by the organization. This source of quality consistency helps improve the efficiency of the system, and detect the deficiencies at the same time. An external audit is not done with the purpose of either appreciating or criticizing an organization or the workforce involved but to help them maintain a minimum level and further improve their quality. The objective is, therefore, to advise the team members to carry on with the practices that have yielded good results and find new ways to improve upon the ones that have failed and need to be replaced.

3D CAD design services shouldn’t hate auditing or consider it as a way of policing; the fact is that there is nothing personal against any individual or organization in the process. The auditing process is meant to maintain and improve the quality and efficiency of the system adopted by a team, a company.