Advantages of Hiring Building Information Modeling Services

Advantages of Hiring Building Information Modeling Services

Building Information Modeling services provide a more efficient and error-free system that helps the building professionals in serving their clients well by producing excellent quality work. The concept of Building Information Modeling (BIM) is relatively new for the building industry but it’s gradually becoming more popular the world over. BIM provides a more complete overview of a construction project and is considerably more beneficial to both the building professionals as well as the end users. It offers certain advantages that make it for more effective than the existing building processes.

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Building information modeling

Building Information Modeling Services Advantages

Added dimensions:

3D CAD software took the design process into a new era that was much faster than erstwhile 2D manual process and enabled the designers to work in three dimensions, viz length, breadth and depth. Now The AEC Associates Building Information Modeling services have extended the scope even further and added two more dimensions, namely cost and time. Bills of materials and cost estimations can now be obtained along with desired views while working on the design.Similarly, very accurate time schedules can be prepared and adhered to in a more efficient manner.

Shared information system:

BIM enables the building professionals to hand over a virtual information model of the project to the principal contractor and sub-contractors, and subsequently the owners/operators of the building get the same detailed information. Each of these professionals- architect, structural, civil and building services engineers, and surveyors etc- make their inputs regarding discipline specific data to the model which is shared by each stakeholder. One of the biggest problems while handing over the project to the next team/ stakeholder has been the loss of Information;however, BIM Modeling services ensure that there are minimal information losses. This also ensures that a more extensive information database is now available for the owners of the buildings, which may help them make informed decisions at a later stage.

Encompassing entire building span:

Involvement of BIM is not just till the final construction of a structure unlike other modeling systems; its usefulness extends throughout the building life cycle. All the processes from the early conceptualization to the demolition of the building- cost management, construction management, project management and facility operation are supported by BIM service providers.

More efficient management:

BIM spans the entire life cycle of a structure, as mentioned above, right from the initial conception to its full occupancy tenure till its demolition. An efficient management of information systems during the complete building life cycle requires employing a BIM manager. Developing and tracking the object oriented BIM against the projected performance objectives, supporting multi-disciplinary building information models and helping the designers produce an efficient and attractive building, and the owners in its maintenance are some of the main responsibilities of a BIM manager.

BIM consulting services provide a powerful tool to the building professionals in producing functionally superior and aesthetically breathtaking buildings. Even though BIM is a complex system, most professionals are unanimous that the future of the building industry lies in its optimum use.