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8 Main Attributes Of Modern Hospital Buildings 3D CAD Design Services

The concept of healthcare design has undergone a major shift as a result of technological advancements in the recent years, making designing a modern hospital building a very challenging yet exciting job for The AEC Associates 3D CAD Design Services. Healthcare industry can now be compared to the hospitality industry in many ways; hospital design has become a specialized job for 3D CAD design services. We have been discussing some main attributes of a modern hospital building in our previous posts, the discussion is continued here.

  • Accessibility to make it all-inclusive

3D CAD design services must ensure that the hospital building is accessible to all sections of the society including children, elderly and persons with disabilities. People are already suffering when they visit a hospital, a designer must make efforts to make their stay and visit as comfortable as possible by including all the accessibility features in his design. Following are some pointers to be considered :

  1. The design team should comply with all the statutory requirements made mandatory by local authorities to make life easier for persons with disabilities
  2. A hospital building should be designed in such a way as to make the movement of patients with temporary or permanent disabilities and their attendants easy
  3. Slopes should be easy to negotiate and corridors wide enough to accommodate two wheelchairs at a time
  4. All the hindrances should be removed to make it absolutely safe for disabled persons and entrances should be easy to negotiate. Glass walls and doors should be marked to avoid confusion

  • Minimizing and simplifying circulation

A hospital (especially multi-specialty hospitals) has a complex system of circulation as several functions may interfere with each other. There is always a constant movement of people and goods that needs to controlled to avoid any confusion or commotion. Following are a few pointers to be considered :

  1. Outpatient and inpatient areas should be separate
  2. Outpatient areas and routes should be clearly defined
  3. Visitors to inpatient areas should have separate passages
  4. Outflows of trash should be separate from inflow of food and supplies
  5. Dedicated services elevators should be provided for supplies

3D CAD design services have the responsibility of designing hospitals that are user-friendly besides accommodating all the required facilities and appliances. We shall discuss some more attributes of a modern hospital building in our next post, last in this series.