6 Classical Design Concepts Still Relevant For Designers: Architectural Services India

6 Classical Design Concepts Still Relevant For Designers: Architectural Services India

Top Architectural Services India like –The AEC Associates help in the creation of functionally efficient, comfortable and visually appealing homes for their clients. Architects in the post-modern era have often disregarded many classical design ideas. However, some of these concepts can be prevalent for Architectural services India to offer quality homes. It won’t be fair to disown classical design ideas just because they are old; especially not when they can still help you create quality architecture. Some of these classical design concepts are discussed below:

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Some of these classical design concepts are discussed below.

  • Building as an integral part of its surroundings

Some Architectural services India practitioners strive to design unique structures and succeed in creating buildings that are not in proportion to the site or the surroundings. One should try to make buildings that look an integral part of their immediate environment giving a proportionate and comfortable feel. While it’s good for the inhabitants, the neighbors are also allowed to have more daylight and natural view around. A variety of plants, trees, and shrubs may be planted to give a fresh and pleasant feel to the house if you keep more landscape open.

  • Keep it simple

Over enthusiasm is never advisable as far as the detailing part is concerned; keeping it simple is the old and tested way. Keeping your plan simple will help you make it cost-effective and more functional, and afford you more natural light and ventilation. You can also make the structure visually pleasing by avoiding unnecessary complexities.

  • Maintain a balance

Maintaining a perfect balance between privacy and openness should be the endeavor of Architectural services India while designing a residential building. It’s necessary to design a solid and private entrance to shield the inner spaces from the people outside. As you move inside, the interior should increasingly become transparent, leading to common areas. These areas should, in turn, open into landscaped spaces or courtyards to provide beautiful views and peaceful resting spaces.

The classical design ideas haven’t lost their charm and relevance even in this era of post-modernism. We shall continue this discussion in our next post to throw light on some more useful design concepts from the ancient times.