5 Top Benefits Of Working With BIM Outsourcing India In Numerical Terms

5 Top Benefits Of Working With BIM Outsourcing India In Numerical Terms

Experienced providers of BIM outsourcing India like The AEC Associates use a process that offers several benefits to both the industry professionals and the building owners alike. The professionals practicing BIM outsourcing India help make the construction process and facility management system more efficient, less error-prone and clients friendly, promising to take the building industry into the next generation.

A more comprehensive process

Building Information Modeling creates comprehensive 3D models with all the intricate details of a building project. Unlike other building systems, it envelops the entire lifespan of a structure from design conceptualization to the demolition stage. In addition, this revolutionary process allows BIM outsourcing India team to work in five instead of 3 traditional dimensions (as in CAD software): length, breadth and depth; the additional dimensions are cost and time.

BIM Outsourcing India

Shared information resource

BIM is a shared information resource which allows every stakeholder to make discipline specific inputs that can be accessed by everyone involved in the process. The building owners/ operators can thus access the needed information and take the right decisions based on the right information at an appropriate time. The skilled professionals employed by the providers of BIM outsourcing India can bring countless benefits to the users. Let us look at some of these major benefits of BIM in numerical terms.

  1. Reduced construction cost

BIM helps reduce the build cost by nearly 20%, a big relief for the building owners.

  1. Reduced operational cost over a building’s lifespan

If used vertically across all the stages of a project, BIM has the potential of reducing the overall construction and operational cost of a structure over its entire lifespan by almost 33%.

  1. Efficiency of building process

BIM improves efficiency of the process by reducing conflicts and rework during construction by more than 50%.

  1. Improved construction quality

The life of a building is increased by BIM by improving the overall quality of construction by almost 50%.

  1. Overall performance of the structure

Use of  BIM helps improve the performance of the completed infrastructure by nearly 30%.

The providers of BIM outsourcing India have the potential to change the entire face of the building industry by offering a system that is faster, more efficient and less error-prone. Using BIM vertically across various stages of the construction process ensure several great benefits for both the industry professionals and the clients alike.