PDF To CAD Conversion
5 Reasons PDF To CAD Conversion Is So Useful

The AEC Associates PDF to CAD Conversion provides a solid platform for future design process, especially in case a renovation, addition or alteration is planned for an existing structure. The process has become the backbone of the AEC process in many ways; scores of online and outsourcing companies are coming up every day offering quality PDF to CAD Conversion services. These converted drawings need to be of top quality since they act as the foundation stone for the future design process.

Why do we need CAD conversion?

The two file types used for PDF to CAD conversion are naturally PDF and CAD (DWG or DXF) files. DWG files hold 2D and 3D design data and offer endless possibilities for the designers, however, there is often a limitation with them. They can sometimes become so heavy that transporting them through email gets very difficult; they need to be converted into a lighter format in order to be sent. PDF is the most favored format for this purpose. Later when these PDF files reach their destination, one needs to reconvert into DWG format through PDF to CAD conversion for easy viewing or editing.

Reasons CAD conversion is so effective and useful

  • An enabling design environment

PDF to CAD conversion offers fast and efficient editing with many added features and a more comprehensive design environment.

  • Original format is retained

The reconverted CAD files are able to retain original colors and formatting from the PDF files.

  • Facility of part conversion

You don’t need to convert the entire document every time, there is a facility to select and reconvert specific pages of the document.

  • Features of lines retained

PDF to CAD conversion retains the location, shape and thickness of lines, thus avoiding any confusion.

  • Facility to place comments

The conversion process allows you to add comments in the PDF files without affecting or distorting the original drawings. One can remove these comments after necessary corrections and editing from the DWG files after the conversion, thus the original form of the drawings is retained.