5 Great Benefits of Working Closely with BIM Outsourcing India

5 Great Benefits of Working Closely with BIM Outsourcing India

Experienced BIM Outsourcing India vendors adopt a process that is faster, more efficient and less error-prone than some of the existing building systems. They offer several benefits to both industry professionals and building owners alike. BIM Outsourcing India team of experts allows the designers to experiment freely without worrying too much about the viability of the structure. Comprehensive 3D models can detect errors and clash elements at a very early stage.

BIM Outsourcing India
5 Great Benefits of Working Closely with BIM Outsourcing India

The models created by Building Information Modeling are very comprehensive and this process covers the lifespan of a structure, right from design conceptualization to the demolition stage. Moreover, the system adopted by BIM Outsourcing India professionals allows you to work in 5 instead of 3 traditional dimensions, which are length, breadth and depth. In addition to cost and time, which are the additional dimensions.

BIM is a shared information resource;discipline-specific information is supplied by various stakeholders. This information can be accessed by everyone involved in the process including the building owners/operators. Some of the major benefits of working closely with BIM Outsourcing India in real terms are discussed below.

  • Lower cost of construction:

The use of BIM brings a major benefit for the building owners as it helps reduce the building cost by nearly 20%, a big relief in this age of high construction cost.

  • The maintenance cost of a building over the entire lifespan:

The overall operational and maintenance cost of a structure over its entire lifespan can be incredibly high. BIM reduces it by almost 33%.

  • The efficiency of building process:

Conflicts and rework during construction are reduced by nearly 55% by using BIM during the design and construction process.

  • The quality of construction:

BIM allows you to produce stunning buildings by improving the overall quality of construction by almost 50%. This naturally guarantees client satisfaction and increases the life of the structure.

  • Overall performance:

Experience shows that the overall performance of a structure is improved by nearly 35% by using BIM vertically across all the stages of the building process.

Reputed BIM Outsourcing India vendors offer several benefits to the building professionals and clients alike. The quality of construction is improved and facilities management also becomes more efficient using BIM. This is considered as the future of the building industry.