Principles Of Office Design For Architectural Drafting And Design Professionals
Principles Of Office Design For Architectural Drafting And Design Professionals

Designing modern-day office interiors has become a great challenge for The AEC Associates Architectural Drafting and Design professionals as office design has undergone a metamorphosis in this computer age. There is an increasing demand to design work spaces that are conducive for efficiency and productivity and provide a positive, cheerful work environment for the workers; definitely a tough task for Architectural drafting and design companies. One has to think holistically about an office interior instead of considering it just as an arrangement of work stations. Following are some golden principles to help designers create innovative, efficient interiors that also keep the workers happy and satisfied.

  • Keep the spaces tidy and uncluttered

One big challenge for Architectural drafting and design services today is to keep the office space neat and uncluttered. Desktops, laptops and local area networks often create a maze of wires that not only make the workstations seem untidy and ugly but also affect the efficiency of the workers negatively. Even a meeting table in your conference hall will look terrible if wires attached to the mikes, computers and internet networks are not well concealed. The best bet is to use clean and simple solutions for the job.

  • Make interiors lively using the nature

There was a trend of making the interiors look too formal, too mechanical; not anymore. A designer should try to make the spaces interesting and lively. Using the natural objects is a good way to accomplish this task. One may use wood panels, exposed brick partitions, floral patterns on carpets and wall papers etc, and even decorate spaces with different varieties of plants to make the interiors look warm, cozy and welcoming.

It’s important for Architectural drafting and design professionals to understand that the whole concept of office design has changed now; the demands are different and their methods must also change. We shall continue to discuss more important design principles of modern office design in our next post.