5 Benefits Of Using 4D BIM Modeling Technique For Your Building Projects...

5 Benefits Of Using 4D BIM Modeling Technique For Your Building Projects In 2021: BIM Consulting Services

5 Benefits Of Using 4D BIM Modeling Technique For Your Building Projects In 2021: BIM Consulting Services

The building industry incurs heavy losses every year due to several factors like poor communication, rework, bad data management and so on. Let us understand how 4D BIM modelling has the potential to make the design and construction processes more efficient and productive, and less error-prone.

Firms offering BIM consulting services facilitate the better-planned and cost-effective design and construction processes.

The biggest advantage BIM offers is that it envelops the entire lifespan of a structure unlike other systems that are responsible only till the commissioning stage of a building; working closely with BIM consulting services providers thus enables you to execute your projects in a flawless manner and also manage your facilities more efficiently.

You would of course be thinking what’s all this fuss about, builders and architects are experienced people and have been handling all kinds of building projects for years. However, data clearly shows that the losses of the construction industry run into billions, often ruining the parties involved beyond redemption. So, what could be the main causes for these overruns of cost and schedules? Let us summarize some of these issues here for you:

  • Inaccurate or improper project planning to begin the construction with
  • Lack of sufficient data leading to inaccurate project estimates
  • Not having a backup plan or readiness for change orders
  • System flaws and/ or human errors leading to administration errors
  • Poor operational workflow and un-streamlined processes causing error and inefficiencies
  • Inaccurate drawings, confusion or misinterpretations, or last-minute changes

Role of 4D BIM modelling:

BIM consulting services providers enable you to have a more comprehensive overview of the project right from the initial design conceptualization stage to the design development and construction documentation stage, and from the actual construction process to facilities management. 4D BIM goes a step beyond 3D modelling to help you with material and cost estimation and an accurate time schedule. It integrates various operations and makes it convenient to deal with multiple floors. Let us list some main advantages of using 4D BIM for your building projects in 2021:

  • Multiple construction sequencing options

4D BIM gives the construction process much-needed flexibility by offering several construction sequencing options to the builders and contractors. Simple and traditional 4D scheduling techniques enable the construction team to keep the project timeline on schedule. Multiple prominent alternatives are offered to effectively address the project requirements.

  • Clash-free construction scheduling

BIM consulting services providers use the 4D BIM technique to generate information about the schedules of building products creating a visual in a step-by-step fashion. 4D BIM incorporates important time-related information for different building components- lead-time, construction time, drying and mixing periods, and interdependency on other processes and products.

  • Taking care of the logistics

4D BIM is a revolutionary technology that makes the entire construction process a pleasant experience by facilitating effective planning on when particular equipment is needed on-site and help you manage the logistics part around other parallel activities of the project. You can execute the project flawlessly by taking care of the geometry, logistics, equipment and timelines.

  • Allows to compare the scheduled plan with the actual plan

4D BIM creates scheduling data that can easily be converted into a graphical representation. This greatly helps you in keeping your building projects on schedule as you are able to compare the scheduled plan with the actual plan at any given time and make necessary adjustments.

  • Facilitates optimum resource utilization

Working closely with top BIM vendors allows you to have properly planned data in the form of graphs and datasheets. This affords you better visibility and facilitates resource mobility and better resource planning and utilization. Closer collaboration among all stakeholders ensures optimal resource utilization and helps you achieve higher operational efficiencies and complete your projects within stipulated budgets and timelines.

Associating with top providers of BIM consulting services can help you plan and execute your projects efficiently within the projected timeline. 4D BIM is a revolutionary new-age technology that ensures a more coordinated effort and helps you complete your buildings in a flawless manner.