4 Things Architectural Services India Must Consider While Designing Earthquake Resistant Buildings

4 Things Architectural Services India Must Consider While Designing Earthquake Resistant Buildings

It is the constant endeavor of top companies offering Architectural services India like The AEC Associates to design and execute functionally efficient and aesthetically breathtaking buildings. Reputed Architectural services India providers focus on creating innovative shapes and structural systems in a bid to make the structure a contemporary classic, an example of timeless architecture.

It becomes imperative to examine if the building is located in a high risk seismic zone and the structure has some features that do not stand up to the shocks it may experience during a strong earthquake to ensure the safety of all users.

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Various features determining the behavior of a building during an earthquake could be its overall shape and size, its geometry and the way earthquake forces are transferred to the ground.

An earthquake could cause a wide range of structural damage in a building, it’s necessary for Architectural services India to take into account previous experiences while designing their buildings under high-seismic zones.

Here is a brief discussion on the structural configurations that are suitable and not so suitable to make structures more earthquake resistant.

  • The size of a building

Designers must consider a building’s height to base size ratio while planning an earthquake-resistant structure. The horizontal movement of floors in very tall buildings is quite large and should be taken into account. One should also be aware that buildings with large plan area like industrial buildings or warehouses can experience excessive horizontal forces during a seismic shock.

A simple plan with an equal distribution of columns and load bearing elements always behaves better during a strong tremor. Use separation joints in case of complex structures having corners and curves to transform them into simple ones.

Designing earthquake resistant buildings is mandatory for Architectural services India providers to make sure there is no or minimum loss of life and property during a strong earthquake. This discussion will be continued in our next post to know about some more focus elements while designing earthquake resistant buildings.