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4 Reasons Architectural CAD Services Should Choose Bricks For Buildings

Brick has been a favorite building material for the architects for ages, and The AEC Associates Architectural CAD Services can still find it quite useful for their projects in this modern era. Even though many building materials like steel and concrete, vinyl etc are in vogue today, Architectural CAD services can use the age-old material, brick very effectively for several applications. Brick is a sturdy, beautiful material that hasn’t lost its relevance even in this day of skyscrapers. Following are some reasons designers should go for brick as a building material.

  • Environment friendly

The world community is striving hard these days to protect the environment from the ill effects of the modern day lifestyle. Using building materials that require high energy source and artificial constituents should be avoided in such a scenario. Brick, being made from natural materials like clay and shale, should thus be a preferred material for Architectural CAD services. The clay/ shale unit goes through a vitrification process in a kiln, making brick a very durable and strong material, stronger than most building materials used today.

  • An age-old favorite

As mentioned earlier, brick has been a favorite with the designers for nearly five thousand years; it has been used by the Egyptians, Romans, Indians and later by Europeans and Americans also. Modern bricks are even better as they go through a more stringent process, making them more consistently performing, stronger and more beautiful than ever.

  • Superior protection against elements

Brick is a very suitable material for Architectural CAD services as it offers a superior protection in several ways. The primary ingredient of brick is clay that is fired up to 2000 degrees making it extremely fire resistant. It passes a one hour fire test easily while most other materials are devastated within a few minutes. Similarly, brick provides a superior moisture and wind protection due to its qualities.

  • Less maintenance

Brick looks more beautiful for a longer duration, that too with much less maintenance. It doesn’t rot or dent; and is never affected by termite. Exposed brick work doesn’t need to be painted as it holds its pretty looks. It is available in many shapes, colors and styles. That’s why it has been a favorite with the designers through every historical period- Victorian, Colonial and even post-modernist.