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4 Fundamentals Of Office Design For Architectural Drafting And Design Services (Continued)

Office design is one of the most challenging jobs for The AEC Associates Architectural Drafting and Design services as new trends always necessitate certain changes in the office layout and furnishings. The challenge for Architectural drafting and design team lies in providing a timeless design that still fulfills the requirements of the users and interests them at the same time after many years. You can certainly achieve this seemingly impossible objective by following some basic fundamentals of office design. We discussed some of these principles in our previous post, the discussion is continued here.

  • Detailing is important

Famous architect Mies van der Rohe once said: God is in detailing. That is true when you are trying to plan an office interior. You want to create a timeless design, perfection and excellence are two things you should strive to achieve. You can succeed in enforcing a great office culture if you give enough attention to detailing. Little details like optimum lighting, comfortable chairs with the office logo etc will improve worker satisfaction and productivity besides evoking loyalty towards the organization. Always strive to achieve the best possible environment, prioritizing quality over quantity.

  • Make your design sustainable

Architectural drafting and design team always strives to go with the current trends and makes the designs as innovative as possible, yet sustainability is another aspect that cannot be overlooked. While adding elements to capitalize on latest trends gives that much needed flair to your office interiors, it’s necessary that your clients are able to use the present setup for a long time to come. Redesigning or even small renovations can cost a fortune and consume precious time as well; give a sustainable design to the customer to help them avoid wasteful practices and enjoy the beautiful office space designed by you for decades to come.

Architectural drafting and design services shoulder a great responsibility of creating a great office culture through furniture, office layout, innovative ideas and amenities; following the above design fundamentals can help them achieve this objective. Inspiring the workers and ensuring their satisfaction and productivity for a long time to come would make your office design sustainable and timeless.