4 Design Elements 3D CAD Design Services Must Consider For Primary School...

4 Design Elements 3D CAD Design Services Must Consider For Primary School Buildings (Continued)

Primary schools perform an important role by transforming the small children of today into responsible citizens of tomorrow; it’s imperative for reputed providers of 3D CAD Design services like The AEC Associates to take care of certain design elements while planning these buildings.

A primary school building planned by 3D CAD design services providers, for example, is considered good if it includes elements like accessibility to all (including differently abled students, teachers and staff); pleasing appearance connecting it with the community; and cost effectiveness that makes the project viable.
3D CAD Design Services Following are some more design parameters for designing an effective primary school building.

  • Functionality

A primary school building has to be efficient by fulfilling its functional requirements. The building should be made functional in every sense by 3D CAD design services team by taking care of the following parameters.

Sense of community and individuality –

    • Provide cluster classrooms around a common area, it creates a sense of community among the students
    • Connect different spaces visually with colors and patterns. It gives a sense of individuality to children


    • Light/ durable partition walls must be used to increase the efficiency of large spaces like auditoriums and multi-purpose halls etc
    • Classrooms should be allowed to change with activities and group size to make them interesting for the children
  • User health

It’s essential for the designers to make sure there is no adverse impact on the health of the students and staff. Following parameters should be taken care of to ensure the same.

    • Adequate day lighting in the classrooms and work areas
    • Avoiding glare and hot spots
    • Ensuring natural ventilation that is good for the health of the users.
    • Monitoring indoor air quality to ensure good health for the students

Providers of 3D CAD design services shoulder a massive responsibility of providing a conducive learning experience to the budding students while designing a primary school building. Taking care of above mentioned design elements can help them produce schools that are functional, attractive and viable.