Inevitably, it becomes the responsibility of the Revit Modeling Service Providers such as, The AEC Associates to ensure that they produce functional,efficient and aesthetically pleasing buildings which live up to the expectations of the clients. Green architecture is no longer a buzz word. People want to have sustainable and energy efficient buildings due to environmental and climatic sensitization. This is where vendors offering Revit Modeling Services can provide the right platform to achieve this objective. BIM has the capability to provide the appropriate answers to your questions related to energy costs and consumption patterns.

Revit Modeling Services
4 Aspects To Ensure Energy Efficiency Of A Building Revit Modeling Services

A virtual representation of the building is provided by a BIM model with virtual minute details of the structure, inside out. This model can be analyzed for different purposes, including how the building will perform after completion. You can check the following aspects to ensure that the building is sustainable and energy efficient.

  • Impact of sun on the building

Revit outsourcing services provide accurate models that enable you to study the impact of sun on a proposed/existing building. Designers can thus discuss with clients to decide on various aspects influencing the efficiency of their building.

  • Utility cost

It’s important for the building owners to figure out the utility costs of the design to make informed decisions about their choices of materials and more. BIM offers accurate model data related to wall construction and insulation that helps you analyse and make your decision.

  • Green features

You must add various green elements to the design to improve the energy efficiency of a building. A Revit model makes the relevant information accessible and thus enables you to evaluate the potential of solar panels on the rooftop, installation of a green roof, and other green features.

  • Daylighting

Providers of Revit Modeling Services help you with effective and accArchitectural Design Draftingurate analysis of daylight luminance which enables you to locate areas of a building space which require proper shade..Users can come up with the best possible solution to ensure comfort and convenience by adding shading devices, according to their need and effectiveness.