4 Advantages Of Hiring Building Information Modeling Services

4 Advantages Of Hiring Building Information Modeling Services

Building Information Modeling Services

The face of building industry was changed completely with the invention of 3D CAD software and now The AEC Associates Building Information Modeling Services promise to change its face yet again. While 3D software allowed the design professionals more freedom to experiment and innovate and reduce errors; Building Information Modeling services provide a process that is far more efficient and error-free than any of the existing building processes. One of the great advantages of employing Building Information Modeling or BIM as it’s commonly known is that it is just as useful and beneficial for the end-users as it is for the professionals.

What is BIM?

BIM is a physical representation of the physical and functional characteristics of the building process for any project. It offers a more comprehensive overview of the building process, thus is more useful than all the existing systems. Unlike other building models that are responsible for the structure only till it is handed over to the client, BIM holds the responsibility of a building for its entire lifecycle, till its demolition stage. Let us take a look at some of the main advantages of hiring Building Information Modeling services.

  • Providing a shared information resource:

BIM is a shared information resource that compiles relevant discipline specific information from all the stakeholders. Thus it forms a reliable basis for decision making based on the right information during a structure’s entire lifecycle. The owners/ operators can access this information whenever the need arises, making the maintenance of the building easy.

  • Uses added dimensions:

3D CAD software gives an accurate idea about the three dimensions- length, height and depth; however,  BIM goes a step further and allows users to work in five dimensions, time and cost being the additional dimensions. Accurate cost and material estimates and time schedules can be prepared at any stage of the process.

  • Presents a comprehensive overview:

BIM just doesn’t present the geometric view of the structure; it gives a holistic view of the entire building process. Each individual component of this process right from the geometrical aspect of the design and spatial relationship to light analysis, provision of various services and topographical information etc is covered by it.

  • Gives accurate views:

Various views from a building model can be obtained by using BIM design tools that helps in producing high-quality, accurate drawings. These drawings give a more realistic and accurate idea of the final structure as these views are extracted based on a single definition of each object instance and are never inconsistent.

Building Information Services offer several advantages as the process they use is very efficient and accurate. BIM is so far being used in separate stages of a project and the vertical integration across all the stages hasn’t been achieved yet in most cases. However, it’s use is being encouraged more and more as it promises to take the building industry into a different era altogether.