BIM Outsourcing Services
3 Ways BIM Outsourcing Services Help You Improve Your Efficiency

The AEC Associates BIM Outsourcing Services have the potential to change the entire face of the building industry through the use of the modern-age process, Building Information Modeling, or simply BIM. This parametric software helps BIM outsourcing services create a virtual model that is like a shared information resource for all the stakeholders involved. It enables all the participants to collaborate and work together as a team, making The final product viable, sustainable and more refined. BIM software allows you to analyze the complexities of a project more accurately and find appropriate solutions quickly and efficiently. Let us discuss some top applications of this revolutionary process that may help you become more efficient and productive.

  • Goes beyond the horizons

BIM outsourcing services are at a definite advantage since BIM goes beyond the capabilities of CAD software. It allows you to work in five dimensions as against three dimensions of CAD software, the two added dimensions being time and cost. One can accurately calculate the materials and overall costs even as the design is being developed for the benefit of both the design team and the client. Similarly, you can make and meticulously stick to time schedules.

  • Accessing relevant information

As mentioned above, BIM is a shared information resource that enhances information sharing among different stakeholders involved in a building project. A comprehensive 3D model is linked to a central database making it convenient for everyone to easily access the right information, including the clients. Getting the right information at the right time in the right format helps the stakeholders always take right decisions.

  • Effective communication

BIM outsourcing services ensure an effective communication that helps the designer, the contractor and the clients interact better and share their ideas and concerns with each other. As a result, , the entire process becomes more transparent and smooth. The analysis of the building performance and behavioral pattern of the inhabitants by BIM helps make facility management more efficient and improve energy efficiency of the structure.