3 Ways 3D CAD Design Services Can Make Hotels More Inviting

3 Ways 3D CAD Design Services Can Make Hotels More Inviting

The changing face of the hospitality industry in recent years has made hotel design very challenging and exciting for top providers of 3D CAD design services like The AEC Associates. It’s always advisable for 3D CAD design services team to devise and follow certain design principles based on modern-day assessment in order to produce hotel buildings that are functionally superior, visually pleasing, and offer a welcoming ambiance.

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3 Ways 3D CAD Design Services Can Make Hotels More Inviting

Some of these design principles are discussed below.

  • A unique local experience

A lot of people are fond of exotic designs these days and they tend to not like hotels with prototype designs.providers of 3D CAD design services must offer a genuine experience reflecting the local culture and traditions. Any visitor would want to stay in a hotel to experience the local culture and flavor. For instance, an Indian Rajasthani hotel will look more inviting if it has a bright coloreddécor which is buoyant and lively. Local aesthetics should be reflected in the choice of tapestries, furniture, and the interior space to make it a memorable stay for the visitor.

  • Social activity is the key

The digital world could be bringing people closer, however, the physical world could be moving towards isolation. You can make your hotels more attractive by bringing people together. Connectivity is essential to a traveler, especially the younger generation. Lively, energetic social spaces constantly bustling with activity are loved by travelers of all kinds. Don’t design lobbies that are just spaces to sit and wait, they must offer a lot more. Keep people engaged with multiple activities like games, music, arts, food and make it a real space that gives them an opportunity to mingle with like-minded friends.

  • Authenticity

3D CAD design services team must realize that phony or unreal settings or treatment is a big no-no. It’s necessary to offer something that is authentic and genuine. The idea is to use local materials, patterns and locally prevalent colors and textures to give a sense of authenticity. A guest wants an honest experience and they would expect to find a space with pink limestone, bright colors and traditional patterns in a hotel if it were Rajasthani themed. Playing the local music and serving local cuisine would help enhance the experience too.

It’s imperative for the providers of 3D CAD design services to innovate and experiment instead of just following a prototype design and décor. They can produce exceptional hotel buildings and encourage people to become a part of the local folklore by following certain design principles for modern hotels.