3 Stage Design Process Followed By Architectural Drafting Services

3 Stage Design Process Followed By Architectural Drafting Services

Architectural Drafting Services

The design process followed by The AEC Associates Architectural Drafting Services is a long and complex one having several stages; it is essential to follow each of the stages involved meticulously to produce a successful design. One must understand the requirements and intricacies of these stages; otherwise ensuring a good design and client’s satisfaction would not be possible for Architectural drafting services. People often reason that architectural designing is a highly creative and thus individualistic profession; therefore, defining its working in the strictest sense is just not possible. However, some basic parameters have to be followed to ensure a smooth workflow.

Stages of design:

Even though every individual or organization can define various stages of design process according to their own style and convenience, forming some guidelines can make the working of an office systematic and standardized. This is essential to make the process easier to follow. In general, we can define 3 stages for a standard design process that are as follows.

  • Discussion with the client:

The client is the boss, as they say. The first and perhaps the most important stage is having initial discussions with the client as it sets the tone for the entire design process. Architectural drafting services just cannot take the project forward without finalizing the requirements of the client first. You must know the basic requirements as this is the basis for developing the design. Besides this, one needs to understand the taste and preferences of the client also in order to give the building a stamp of their personality. This stage can also be quite challenging because often the clients themselves are not clear about their exact requirements or there might be a conflict among the clients about the requirements and detailing. You should have the skill to draw out what they want and successfully complete this first stage.

  • Conceptualization and development of design:

Once you know the client’s requirements, the actual part of the design process begins with the conceptualization of the design. As the design is being conceptualized and developed, initial feedback is sought from the client. The design is gradually polished and given a final shape with continuous discussions and feedback from the owners. Regular discussions are absolutely necessary to avoid any misunderstanding or confusions. This ensures that the process is moving in the right direction.

  • Presentation and working drawings:

Making drawings is essential for Architectural drafting services as this is the medium through which the design is conveyed to the clients. You also need drawings to convey to the contractors and consultants how the building is going to be. Construction is just not possible unless you have the detailed working drawings ready. You thus have to prepare two sets of drawings: presentation drawings for the clients and working drawings for consultants and contractors.

Architectural drafting services need to complete each of the above mentioned stages efficiently and smoothly in order to complete the design process successfully. This would ensure that the building is functionally efficient and aesthetically pleasing and satisfies the expectations of the client.