3 Reasons Brick Is Still A Favorite Material With CAD Architectural Design...

3 Reasons Brick Is Still A Favorite Material With CAD Architectural Design Services

Despite widespread use of new-age building materials like steel and concrete, brick is still favored by many top providers of CAD architectural design services like The AEC Associates for their projects in this modern era. Brick as a building material is still relevant and can be used by CAD architectural design services professionals very effectively for several applications.A sturdy, beautiful material,brick has its own charm that beguiles the designer fraternity the world over.

CAD Architectural Design ServicesFollowing are some reasons it’s still being used and liked by the industry professionals.

  • Environment friendly

Global warming has become a dreaded reality today. It’s imperative to avoid using building materials that require high energy source and artificial constituents. Brick is an environment friendly material as it’s made from natural materials like clay and shale. It’s still very durable and strong since the clay/ shale unit goes through a vitrification process in a kiln.

  • Consistent and beautiful

Brick has been a favorite with the architects for nearly five thousand years; it has been used by various old civilizations like the Egyptians, Romans, Indians and later by Europeans and Americans also. Technology ensures that the age-old material is even better as a more stringent manufacturing process is now used.Bricks today are more consistently performing, stronger and more beautiful than ever.

  • Superior protection against elements

One of the reasons brick is still favored by the top providers of CAD architectural design services is that it offers a superior protection against elements. Clay,the primary constituent of brick, is fired up to 2000 degrees making it extremely fire resistant. It can easily withstand fire for more than an hour while most other materials are devastated within a few minutes. Brick also provides a superior moisture and wind protection due to its qualities.

Brick remains a choice material for CAD architectural design services even in this age of skyscrapers. Most residential and low-rise buildings are constructed using brick, a very strong, sturdy, water and fire resistant, and aesthetically pleasing material.