3 Parameters To Be Ensured By 3D CAD Design Services For Sustainability

3 Parameters To Be Ensured By 3D CAD Design Services For Sustainability

Reputed companies offering 3D CAD design services like The AEC Associates constantly strive hard to turn the dream castles of their clients into solid structures of brick and stone, steel and concrete. Global warming today is a harsh reality and green architecture hasn’t remained just a buzz word anymore, producing sustainable buildings is a moral and social responsibility of the providers of 3D CAD design services to save the world from total disaster.

With growing awareness, people now want their buildings to be more energy efficient and environment-friendly, the onus of adopting the right techniques and technologies for achieving the same lies on the designers around the world.

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One can simplify this seemingly complex task by taking care of a few important parameters, some of these parameters are discussed here.

  • Impact of the sun on the structure

It’s essential to study the impact of sun on a proposed or existing building to gauge the extent of energy efficiency 3D CAD design services would achieve. Designers should discuss in detail this aspect with the clients and decide on various choices and strategies with the potential to achieve the best possible results.

  • Utility cost

Even though making your buildings more energy efficient is necessary, you cannot afford to exceed your budget. Architects must figure out the utility costs of the design to allow the building owners to take informed decisions. The accurate data related to wall construction and insulation values can hugely influence one’s choices and ensure the energy efficiency of the building.

  • Optimal day lighting

Designers must carry out an effective and accurate analysis of daylight luminance to locate areas where a building needs shading devices. Occupant comfort can be ensured by adding shading devices, analyzing their requirement and effectiveness to come up with the best possible solutions. This drastically reduces artificial energy requirements.

Working on energy efficient, sustainable designs should be a priority for the professionals providing 3D CAD design services in an era where global warming is already causing havoc with the environment. You can ensure that a building is green and environment friendly by taking care of the above mentioned parameters.