PDF To CAD Conversion
3 Main Issues Of PDF To CAD Conversion

Top companies providing PDF to CAD Conversion services like The AEC Associates play an important role in making the design process more efficient and successful. The process of PDF to CAD conversion is adopted by many industry professionals like architects, structural engineers, interior designers, contractors, and various services consultants for obtaining top quality drawings, especially in case of renovation, remodeling, extension or addition work in an existing building. The demand for CAD conversion work has resulted in the mushrooming of thousands of online conversion companies across the world in the recent years,each claiming to provide efficient and quality services.However, one has to be cautious about these claims and must know the truth before hiring their services. As a matter of fact, CAD conversion is neither a simple nor an easy job as people often believe, there are several issues that make the process a complex one. Let us discuss some of these issues here.

  • Absence of CAD entities

PDF to CAD conversion process acts as a starting platform for the future design process, your objective is to obtain high-quality drawings to make it precise and accurate.One of the main challenges you face during the conversion process is that PDF files don’t contain any CAD entities like arcs or circles.These entities have to be made out of either several small lines or out of Bezier curves,certainly not a walk in the park. You need expertise and good quality conversion software to perform this job well.

  • Converting text strings

PDF files hold words and sentences as strings of individual characters.Each of these characters has a specific positional and style information. Even a slight error or misjudgment is likely to produce poor quality drawings with illegible or unclear text.

  • Production of raster files

Use of poor quality software can result in production of too many raster files during PDF to CAD conversion. Ideally you should have just one raster file for the entire drawing but an ordinary software may generate one raster file for each raster image, making storage and retrieval of drawings a big headache.