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3 Main Features Of Non-Disclosure Agreements Protecting Professional Interests Of Architectural Drawing Services

The AEC Associates Architectural Drawing Services strive hard for long hours to produce top-quality drawings with the objective of making the construction process smooth and efficient. One advantage of outsourcing some of your work to reputed Architectural drawing services is that you are able to focus more on your core areas, like developing designs etc. On the other hand, you may be concerned about the risk of the design or a part of it getting leaked or stolen before the completion of the project, which could harm your professional and financial interests.

The significance of non-disclosure agreements:

It is vital for Architectural drawing services to ensure there is no theft or leakage of data from their end to avoid damage to their reputation. You can also breathe easy if you use confidentiality agreements that act as a buffer against data theft or leakage. Confidentiality agreements like non disclosure agreements (NDAs) protect your professional and financial interests by ensuring that your classified information doesn’t fall into undesirable hands and always remains safe. Following are some main features of NDAs:

  1. Confidentiality is defined: You always begin by clearly defining the term confidentiality. This is important so as to make absolutely clear which information is not to be disclosed without your prior permission.
  2. Responsible parties are defined: You must state very specifically in the agreement whether both parties are bound by the agreement or it binds only one of the parties. This is decided by judging the stakes of the parties in the agreement; if both parties stand to lose in case of data theft, both have an equal stake, the agreement will be mutual; if only one party stands to lose, the agreement will be made legally binding on only the other party.
  3. Time period is defined: It’s necessary to clearly state the time period for the non disclosure of information in the agreement to avoid confusion at a later stage.

A carefully drafted non-disclosure agreement can save Architectural drawing services from blushes and protect their reputation. These agreements act as a buffer against business losses, and ensure that both parties enjoy a sustainable relationship.