3 Important Aspects Of Site Survey: Architectural Services India

3 Important Aspects Of Site Survey: Architectural Services India

Top companies providing Architectural services India like The AEC Associates constantly strive to translate the dream castles of their clients into solid structures of bricks, concrete and steel. Construction cost has sky-rocketed in the recent past, making the task of living up to the expectations of the clients very challenging for the providers of Architectural services India. It’s imperative for the architects to take care of every single aspect of the design process since even the slightest of errors could prove disastrous in terms of money and time.
Architectural Services India
One of the most significant aspect of the process is site survey, following is a brief discussion on the reasons why it is so significant for the success of a building project.

  • Initiating the design idea

Buildings designed by Architectural services India team should ideally look an integral part of the surroundings,which makes on-site survey one of the most important aspects of the design process. It often provides a solid starting point for the design conceptualization as the designer becomes aware of the physical challenges and opportunities offered by the site.

  • Avoiding errors and omissions

A fresh site survey is an absolute must to avoid errors and omissions before starting a project. It’s never advisable to depend solely on existing site drawings provided by the clients or the building authorities. These drawings may contain errors or inaccuracies that could cause problems later. This holds true both for a fresh site or an existing building for renovation job.Even the slightest of inaccuracies could ultimately ruin the entire project. If dimensions on the drawings don’t match the actual site measurements, one could also face certain legal issues later.

  • Offering accurate inputs

Architectural services India necessarily need the correct inputs to build a structure. This makes the site survey absolutely vital for the architects. You get an exact idea of the topography of the site, available resources, access roads, and the adjacent structures and locations. The site survey also gives a good idea of the sun and wind orientation that is an integral part of the design conceptualization process. These inputs help designers in making the design more interesting and better suited to the natural surroundings.

Architectural services India team members rake their brains day and night in the design studio to create innovative designs, yet these designs have to be practical as well to cater to the needs of the clients.This is where site survey assumes great significance. Making use of the natural surroundings and incorporating these inputs in the design idea allows you to produce timeless buildings regularly.