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3 Elements Of Contemporary Bank Buildings Architectural CAD Drafting Services Should Consider

Banks play an important role in modern-day society; designing contemporary bank buildings is a challenging task for the providers of Architectural CAD Drafting Services like The AEC Associates as the concept of bank design has changed drastically with advancements in technology in the recent years. Modern banks are not supposed to be just completely safe and secure but must also provide a welcoming feeling to the visitors; definitely a great riddle for Architectural CAD drafting services providers. You don’t have to produce banks that look just like vaults placed within more vaults; the society and the financial world expects a lot more from them. Let us discuss the main elements of contemporary bank architecture here.

  • Reflecting the community

One basic principle for Architectural CAD drafting services is that a bank branch is a part of the community.More than 75% of a bank’s sales are made at a physical branch even today when online banking has become a norm. The designers must keep innovating to attract more customers into banks for continued growth of the banking industry. The banks should give a welcoming feeling to the customers;the lobbies should have comfortable seating and modern amenities to give a cozy, pleasing appearance.

  • Openness and efficiency

Security doesn’t remain the only consideration for the modern bank; openness and efficiency have become important parameters with technology taking care of the security aspect. Toughened, bullet-proof glass provides ample safety and security to the bank enclosures and also gives them an exquisite look in addition. Closed offices are seen no longer in modern banks with paneling and open door cubicles replacing them, providing a more open and inviting work environment.

  • Energy efficiency

The changing concept of bank design demands that providers of Architectural CAD drafting services consider Making the bank branches more environment friendly. Green architecture hasn’t just remained a buzz word, you must make structures more energy efficient,and banks are no exceptions. Being an integral part of the community, banks should convey a clear message that protecting our environment is our prime responsibility.