3 Design Principles To Make Your Hotels More Appealing: Architectural CAD Services

3 Design Principles To Make Your Hotels More Appealing: Architectural CAD Services

The face of the hospitality industry has changed entirely over the years, presenting fresh challenges and excellent opportunities for top providers of Architectural CAD services like The AEC Associates at the same time. The overall outlook of today’s visitors has changed, making it mandatory for Architectural CAD services professionals to experiment with new ideas to produce contemporary classics and make their hotels more attractive for people

The present-day hotels don’t remain just places to spend a few nights,visitors now want the fragrance of local customs and culture during their stay. The hospitality industry must therefore change as per the desires and demands of the visitors, offering unique guest experience every time.

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Formulating some design principles could help Architectural CAD services providers come up with innovative hotel buildings that are contemporary, and yet classics in the true sense of the word,following are some key principles based on the experiences of the designers around the world.

  • A unique local experience

You just cannot hope to create excitement among the travelers if you keep on producing prototypes, people want something different, something more. They want a genuine experience reflecting the local culture and traditions. The present-day generation actually wants to live there and not just stay there. A Punjabi hotel, for example, should have a décor that has bright colored, buoyant and lively,the interiors should have the aroma of Punjabi culture that forces you to want to dance and sing at the beats of the local drums.

  • Promote social gatherings

The modern-day traveler doesn’t want to stay in wilderness, they prefer mixing with people to make their stay more exciting. Architectural CAD services providers should keep this in mind and create spaces and opportunities to bring people together. Give them real connectivity, the virtual one is not to their liking. Design lively, energetic social spaces constantly bustling with activity.

  • Give them a genuine experience

Phony or unreal settings or treatment doesn’t appeal to visitors today,you must provide something that is authentic, something that is genuine. Use of local materials, patterns and locally prevalent colors and textures will give a sense of authenticity. An honest guest experience making them feel they are among the local people and local culture will go a long way in encouraging them to come back again. You can make them feel right in the middle of a genuine Rajasthani locality by crafting a space using the pink limestone and gay, gaudy colors and patterns. You can make it even more enriching by playing the local music and serving local cuisine. Make it very special for them by allowing them to touch and feel around and be a part of the local history and geography.

It’s imperative for Architectural CAD services providers to innovate and experiment in order to make hotels more appealing, more attractive. The above-mentioned design principles can help them produce timeless architecture; these hotels will force people wishing to come again by making them a part of the local folklore.