3 Complexities Architectural CAD Conversion Services Must Handle Efficiently For Good Results

3 Complexities Architectural CAD Conversion Services Must Handle Efficiently For Good Results

Top providers of Architectural CAD conversion services like The AEC Associates play a vital role in the day-to-day functioning of the building industry professionals, offering a solid platform for the future design process. Various industry professionals, like the architects, structural engineers, various consultants, and contractors etc, rely heavily on the expertise of architectural CAD conversion services team for providing top-quality converted drawings from existing PDF documents.

Architectural CAD Conversion Services

Most people, including even many industry professionals, often believe that CAD conversion process is quite a simple and easy job to handle, which certainly is not the case. On the contrary, a number of issues involved with the process, that are discussed below, make it quite complex.

  • Re-conversion of text

Words and sentences are contained in PDF files as strings of individual characters. This allows for very fine positional accuracy of text. Each of these characters represents a specific associated positional and style information, even the slightest error could make the resultant text illegible or undistinguishable. This could adversely affect the quality of the converted drawings.

  • Lack of vector graphics in PDF files

PDF files have several advantages, but they contain no CAD arc or circle entities. These arcs and circles have to be created either out of several short lines or out of Bezier curves, both tedious and complex processes. It’s imperative to use top-quality conversion by architectural CAD conversion services in order to ensure the quality of reconverted drawings. The software should have the option of replacing the short lines and Bezier curves with true arc and circle entities,.

  • Formation of multiple raster files

The problem with ordinary CAD conversion software is that they create separate raster files for each raster image. This makes the task of storing and editing the file very tedious and challenging for the architectural organizations. It’s always advisable to use top-quality conversion software that allows you to map all the raster images into a single raster image file, making viewing and editing the files easy and convenient. Hiring experienced vendors ensures excellent quality drawings since they employ skilled professionals with expertise in the field.

Architectural CAD conversion services providers shoulder the great responsibility of facilitating the future design process by providing high quality converted drawings to the architects; this is especially vital in case an extension, addition, renovation or alteration is being planned in an existing structure. These drawings allow the designers to innovate and experiment freely, thus enabling them to add to the utility and aesthetical value of a building.