3 Advantages Of Outsourcing Architectural BIM Services

3 Advantages Of Outsourcing Architectural BIM Services

Architectural BIM Services providers like The AEC Associates employ a revolutionary process that offers several benefits to both the industry professionals and the building owners. They facilitate a faster and more productive construction process and a more efficient facilities management system.

BIM creates more than just a detailed 3D model of a project; it offers a more comprehensive overview of the project. This new-age process envelops the entire lifespan of a structure from design conceptualization to its demolition. BIM makes your working more versatile by allowing you to work in five instead of 3 traditional dimensions: length, breadth and depth; the additional dimensions being cost and time.

Architectural BIM Services

BIM is a shared information resource, enabling all the stakeholders, including the owners, to access the needed information at a given time. It’s possible, as a result, to take informed decisions, improving the performance of the structure. Following are some of the main advantages of working closely with the experienced BIM vendors.

  • Reduced construction cost

Architectural BIM services help reduce build cost by nearly 20% by making the construction process faster, more efficient and less error-prone. This is of course a big boon for the building owners at a time when construction cost has literally skyrocketed.

  • Reduced overall operational cost

Most building owners/ operators are wary of the heavy operational costs in running and maintaining a facility. BIM introduces a more efficient system for facilities management, thus reducing the overall operational cost of a structure by almost thirty percent over its entire lifespan.

  • Improved quality of construction

Using BIM vertically across various stages of the building process can easily improve the overall quality of construction by almost 50%. It ensures client satisfaction and an increased life for the structure.

Hiring architectural BIM services vendors with a vast experience and good reputation brings you several benefits. You are able to reduce the construction and operational costs considerably and the overall quality of construction is improved to ensure an increased life for the building.