PDF To CAD Conversion
2 Reasons PDF To CAD Conversion Has Become An Integral Part Of The Design Process

The AEC Associates PDF to CAD Conversion has gradually become an integral part of the building industry since CAD software replaced the manual paper and ink drafting and design process. In the beginning one had to pick a portion of a PDF document and redraw it afresh, however, it was a tedious and time consuming process; PDF to CAD conversion made the process faster and more accurate. Now it has virtually become an inevitability for the industry professionals.

File formats used:

Before discussing the reasons for employing PDF to CAD conversion, it’s important to have a look at the two file formats used for the process.

CAD files- CAD files may include files like DWG or DXF files etc to store two and three dimensional design data in an efficient manner. These files offer multiple benefits to the design professionals providing powerful tools and intelligent features, however, they may be quite heavy at times.

PDF- PDF or portable document format files are much lighter than CAD files. It’s a versatile file format that can hold any combination of 2D vector graphics, text and raster images. PDF files store and transmit back the data without distorting it.

Reasons for using PDF To CAD conversion:

  • DWG files are very efficient and versatile; however, as mentioned above, they can become very heavy sometimes and it gets very difficult to transmit them to the desired locations through emails. The best way to achieve this objective is to convert these files into lighter PDF files that may easily be emailed. One has to later reconvert them into DWG files for viewing and editing with ease.
  • PDF files are virtually like ammonia prints earlier provided by the architects to their clients and consultants as they cannot be altered or tampered with. Thus they play an important role in protecting the financial and professional interests of architects and other industry professionals. One has to reconvert the PDF files through PDF to CAD conversion for future design process whenever the need arises.