2 Design Considerations For Planning Railway Stations: Architectural CAD Drafting Services

2 Design Considerations For Planning Railway Stations: Architectural CAD Drafting Services

Designing a railway station is always a big opportunity for top providers of Architectural CAD drafting services like The AEC Associates;they can play an important role in providing a great impact on the community and giving a face lift to the entire locality through their design. Style and aesthetics are naturally important ingredients of a train station building,however, Architectural CAD drafting services should incorporate a few design elements to make them functionally efficient as well.

Architectural CAD Drafting Services

These elements are essential for a railway station to achieve its basic objectives;these are discussed below.

  • Safety

A station building must be safe for the commuters, employees, and other visitors; frills, appearance, comforts or style should be considered only after ensuring complete safety by Architectural CAD drafting services team.The passenger flow through the station and their pattern of approaching the place and boarding and alighting from the train should be studied minutely. The required views of the employees should be determined. Designers can make train stations safe in following ways:

  1. Ideally the exit doors should not face the tracks. This ensures that passengers never stumble onto the tracks even though it may seem a bit inefficient.
  2. Allow the passengers to see where they are going by providing views in and views out. This can be achieved by providing a transparent glass wall instead of a solid brick wall,which will also enhance the aesthetic value of the structure.
  • Accessibility

A large number of disabled persons also use trains for commuting everyday, it’s imperative for Architectural CAD drafting services providers to make the stations safe and accessible for them. Two-foot warning strips with little bumps on either side of the track can prevent the disabled from falling onto the tracks. Designers must consider special needs of every category of disabled persons to make their journey safe and comfortable. Every facility should be made accessible, safe and convenient for the disabled.

Railway stations are used by the majority of population today, it’s the responsibility of the providers of Architectural CAD drafting services to plan functionally efficient and aesthetically pleasing stations to make the experience pleasant for the commuters. They should try to make train stations safe and accessible for all to make them an integral part of the locality.