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Architectural CAD Services, Architectural BIM Services

Architecture can most appropriately be described as the art of planning, design, and construction, encompassing numerous facets of the AEC industry within itself. Many are also of the opinion that it is the very essence of the domain. The quality of the final output depends largely on the creativity and efficiency of the Architectural CAD services and the Architectural BIM Services, and needless to say, such an important field requires nothing but the very best in conceptualization and execution.

Through our widespread experience, we, at The AEC Associates have captured the requisite knowledge for providing Architectural CAD services & Architectural BIM Services for different ‘types’ of buildings, based on categorization according to structures from an objective perspective, as mentioned below. While we can acknowledge that there are many types of building structures that we do not have hands-on experience working with, our overall exposure to diverse projects provides us with the ability to execute any job to perfection.

Commercial Buildings

We have worked on the following types of building structures:

  • Office buildings
  • Corporate buildings
  • Retail buildings
  • Multi-use buildings
  • Corporate campus

During our experience providing architectural CAD services and BIM services to office and multi-use buildings, we enhanced our knowledge of requirements for public spaces, codes, and amenities.

Working on a corporate campus was a stimulating challenge, which combined our understanding of public spaces, amenities, and multi-use architecture with the specific characteristics and needs of the structure and our client. The process called for the seamless integration of creativity and flawless execution and had its share of risks. But in the end, managing the sudden bursts of creativity in sync with the practical aspects ensures that the project was a successful endeavor.

Ever since retail moved into mixed-use spaces, our architectural CAD services experience, which includes Architectural 2D CAD Drafting & Design Services, has extended from individual buildings for stand-alone brands (similar to hypermarts) to mall projects that cover multiple brands and brand outlets in multi-use buildings. Although the underlying principle and purpose of each of these structures are the same (attract customers), the competing factors are quite different, and so are the design dynamics, to say nothing of the services and amenities. One of our longest-standing retail clients has worked with us on as many as 7 formats for their retail outlets; each a new challenge, a new learning, and a new satisfaction.


Group housing projects, also referred to as matchbox design by critics, are considered to be the easiest type of undertaking, considering the amount of repetition involved. However, having executed our share of en masse housing schemes, we have noticed a sea change in residential design as a genre, more so in the last decade. With multi-storied residential complexes now being the only choice for housing in a majority of cities, residential design is slowly adhering to the parameters of culture, taste, and price.

Developers, corporate, and cooperatives alike want their designs to have the following:

  • Character, Individuality, or Branding
  • Amenities
  • Services
  • Captive commercial spaces for offices and select retail
  • A special feature that becomes the USP; whether it’s a new amenity (like a nursing home or daycare), a signature style, or a revolutionary idea.

The AEC Associates have been a part of many residential designs with our architectural CAD and BIM services, such as:

  • High-rise luxury apartments in the heart of a metropolis
  • Sea facing low rise structures
  • Mixed-use complexes with Commercial spaces at lower levels
  • Suburban plot developments
  • Row housing
  • Affordable housing

Using the basic principles, we create a process for each of these categories and then customize it for your project, according to its specific needs for Architectural CAD services or BIM services.


Speaking purely from a development point of view, education is a critical element of development – a fact that is evident when one observes different countries across the world in varied stages of development. So, while the Indian education sector is growing by leaps and bounds, Libya is setting up universities to announce its arrival on the world stage; Australia has worked on its infrastructure to handle the sudden spurt in the influx of immigrants from developing countries, even as China and the UK have worked on developing state-provided schooling.

The AEC Associates have worked on different kinds of education projects, such as :

  • Elementary and nursery schools
  • A university campus
  • Play schools and day-care centers (as a part of residential and mixed-use projects)


The AEC Associates have been fortunate enough to be involved with what can be called the most creative hotel projects of our times, which were designed and conceived on the computer by our client’s design team, while our team took the onus of taking the design from the AutoCAD schematic drawing to a BIM model and was a key part of the design development initiative.


Our experience in health care varies across a chain of dialysis centers in the US to a healthcare campus in Asia. We have resources specialized in healthcare design & documentation, as well as support teams for integrating Code Book with the BIM model (part of our Architectural BIM services). Our team is capable of adhering to the many regulations that go into the making of a healthcare structure and taking utmost precautions to ensure that the special services are integrated with the BIM model.

Public Buildings

The AEC Associates have offered Architectural CAD services and Architectural BIM services on public buildings like a Community Center, an Art Museum, and a chain of police stations. Additionally, even though it is technically a separate domain, we also hold the capacity to build stadia.

Architectural CAD Services for Landscape Architecture

It is often said that art, culture, and civilization begin where basic needs end. With respect to landscape architecture CAD services, landscape architectural CAD services designing has ceased to exist as a novelty to being an inherent requirement of almost every project, including residential schemes, corporate buildings, and beautification initiatives across the cityscape. We, at The AEC Associates, have worked on the landscape schemes more as part of a larger project, like a residential scheme or a campus, and hence, have the eyesight of viewing the domain as part of a bigger picture, a quality that sets us many notches above the competition, much to the delight of our clients!