At The AEC Associates, we believe that every entity in the world is unique, even though the elements that go into its creation may be the same. Taking cue from this philosophy, we have introduced Process Customization to our work methodology for Architectural CAD And BIM Services. The customization is done based on the inputs received during our interaction with clients, and following are the parameters considered :

  • Project: : Its objective, complexities, conditions, and most of all, its drivers. Yes, the Decision Maker can influence the process, too!
  • Team: A team is at the heart of process creation, and people are the raison d’être of a process. In its basic essence, a process is created with a promise, that if people follow it, a certain result is assured.
  • Task: While people are at the heart of the process, the result assured is the task. One of the questions we often ask our clients isclient is “Where do these drawings go?” Drawings meant for discussion, permit, bid, construction or record-each set would have to be customized for the person receiving it, who, in quality lingo, is called ‘The Customer of the Process’.
  • Schedule: Timely delivery is as important as quality. At The AEC Associates, we take into consideration time zones, reviews, time needed for printing and binding, client’s external deadlines, holidays, contingencies, and anything else that influences the timely completion of a project.
  • Software: When we work in different time zones, and on aggressive deadlines, the last thing we can afford is losing a day because of reasons like “I can’t open the file”, “this drawing was saved in another version.” etc. Our process ensures that all software used is compatible, and their limitations are taken into account (like file size, etc.)
  • Output: This is why our services were hired, and this is what is of paramount importance to us, especially at the end. A client would need soft copies, printable versions and converted versions of our work differently for different end uses. If the set is a Permit or Approval set, we might be require to combine outputs into a PDF binder, number the pages, etc. CAD files might be required in different states – x refs, relative paths, layer states, model space, etc. – depending on how the client needs to use the soft files.

The final process we create is for the lifetime of the task, and takes these factors in mind. The process becomes defunct the moment the job is delivered, accepted, reviewed and closed. Even a repeat job for the same client would not employ the same process. We could use the last process as a reference, but would still treat the new (repeat) job as unique, which is where the competitive advantage of The AEC Associates is derived from!