Paper to CAD Conversion Services

Creating a BIM model from paper is generally an exercise for an existing building, with the input being paper drawings rather than CAD files. In its basic essence, it is similar to the process of converting paper drawings to CAD, in the following situations:


Paper to CAD, BIM Conversion Services

Paper to CAD, BIM Conversion for Architecture, Engineering & Construction Industry


    1. Lost or corrupted CAD files


    1. Unavailability of CAD files (not part of the agreement, company policy, etc.)


  1. Building older than technology


Utmost care needs to be taken with regards to procuring information about the existing building in the most accurate manner possible. Although this process is called Paper to CAD conversion, it’s nearly equivalent to a new project altogether, with the added parameters of transferring the existing data in the most accurate manner possible. Hence, the first level quality checks are similar to those of Paper to CAD conversion.


Our teams at The AEC Associates work with precision and attention to detail throughout the Paper to CAD conversion process, so that the desired results are at par with the expectations of our clients.